Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everyday Cuteness!!

Mom, Mom watch! I'm going to do a tennis ball!
I think she meant a cannon ball!
Stuff like this happens everyday. It is so cute!

Ellie was watching a movie and like every good mother she got a movie going for her baby doll! The DVD player was really playing a movie. It was adorable- being the party killer I am I decided to turn it off and save the batteries!

Ellie and Anna are learning to pump on a swing. It is hard work and takes coordination. It also takes muscles that they are just developing now! Ellie's ankles have slimmed down and she has muscles that we can now see in her calves!! Good work sweetie!!

The other day they all were talking at once and all of the sudden Ellie says, "Momma, Momma I'ma tryn to tella youa somping." 

Honestly, does it get any cuter!
They keep me smilin!!


Lori said...

Oh, I absolutely love it!! So cute, so funny!

The tennis ball jump is hysterical!

Acceptance with Joy said...

LOL! Very cute all the way...

Cari said...

awe that is sweet! love the tennis ball

Karin said...

So cute...put a smile on my face!! :) Love the dual movie's going.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

:) Makes me smile!!!

Rebekah said...


TanyaLea said...

what a great idea for a post... these photos are ADORABLE! :) Clearly, they have a good 'mommy' to model after!!

LOVE Ya!!!


Serving the King said...

Ha! Tennis ball! I think I'm going to start calling it that in honor of Sarah. That's a whole lotta cuteness you have going on over there in that house!

quilt-n-mama said...

Looks like you are having a great time! I love the doll watching the movie too. Our AG Dolls are often found near their owners doing what they are doing too. It cracks me up. For Christmas I got a book of patterns so I can sew them clothes to match much cheaper than the prices in the catalogs:) I can't wait to get started:)