Saturday, January 1, 2011

Family Vacation!

We are on a little vacation to get away from the cold! We left just in time- right before the ice storm!
We arrived late at night so all the fun had to start the next day!

The girls love to swim! The giggle and shouted for joy as the jumped in the pool! It was just like the first time we gave them a bath! I had never seen such excitement over a bath before!! The pool seems to have the same effect on them!

All the girls have been in swimming lessons so the are not afraid of the water!

They played and played for 2 hours!

Jim took Emma and Ellie to Subw*y to pick up lunch. He said the girls were really quiet and look frightened. They were relieved when they saw where they were going. I think they thought we were going to leave them somewhere - that is so sad. It will just take time for them to get over their fears and trust that they are ours forever.

After lunch we went to the beach! They love playing in the sand and finding shells!

Of course everyone had to have a pail and shovel. They are doing pretty good with sharing but it is something that we will continue to work on- especially with Ava and Sam coming! Ellie and Anna seem to have the hardest time.

Emma and Ellie are from Southern China. They are not used to the cold weather we have back home. They love the warm weather in Florida!

I have been a little under the weather with the world worst cold. Looking forward to feeling better.

I never tire of watching the children play! I am so thankful they are home and free to be a child in their very own family! I can't help but sing praises to God as I watch them!

Emma has grown 2 inches and gained 6 lbs. Ellie has grown an inch and a half and has lost 2 lbs. Both girls are so much healthier! 
Sarah is really growing! Anna is slowly growing.

I went back and read all of our information on Ava. I hav decided that she is around 103 cm and what they have told us must be wrong based on our previous information. I am guessing she will wear size 5 clothes, Anna and Sam are size 4. I'm not going to get hung up on what I don't think I know but instead just be excited for what is to come!

The age of electronics! Kinda sad, kinda funny but they were all together and it was fun! After this they played a card game- which made up for this particular moment!


Angie said...

You're not on M. Isl. again, are you? If so...I'm a little jealous! Have a great time in the sun!

Adeye said...

Okay okay....just a little jealous here :) Just kidding. Thrilled that you are having a great family time...what a wonderful way to welcome in the new year.

Holly said...

Aw, such a fun vacation. It makes my heart smile to see them enjoying life so much! I love that last picture and comment. Too funny!

Holly said...

Oh I could do for some Florida sunshine right about now :) But forget about FL in the summer!
I enjoy the changing seasons but it is nice to have some fun in the sun and sand in the middle of winter!
Lots of water and Dayquil maybe for your cold?
I think you are right on...I would guess Ava around a size 5!
Who's going to China this trip?!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oh dear....well sometimes it is what it is, but they are together! Love your sunny fun! We live in Louisiana so it isn't that bad here :) ENJOY!!!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

So glad to see you are back online!! It's okay for me to be a little bit jealous as you will be in two weeks when I am in China!!!!! I mean, ya didn't have to post photos of the sunny beach and girls having fun in the water now did ya?

Love ya!

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - I just love your tender heart for Jesus - the way you rejoice that your precious children are home and enjoying a beautiful family life. Our daughter was abandoned later in life and is 7 now at her orphanage. I can well imagine that she will have times of "terror" at the thought that we might leave her someplace. That tugged at my heart as you explained how Ellie and Emma were so frightened when their daddy took them to Subw*y. Will be praying that they learn to trust that you all will never leave them.

janet and gang

Karin said...

precious the sunset one. So glad you are having a fun vacation!