Friday, January 14, 2011

Feed My Starving Children

Sarah, Ellie and I went to FMSC today. I am in charge of organizing it for our homeschool group. We did this last year and it was wonderful! We were happy to have Ellie join us this year!

Little Ellie is kind of funny. This was too much work for her- she has a bit of laziness in her. However when her happy Momma came to her with a big smile on her/my face and asked her if she had fun she looked into my eyes and said "yes". 
This is not what Ellie considers fun but our dear girl is "in training" to serve and love the Lord!
As Sarah and I talked about how wonderful it was, it didn't take Ellie long to chime in!
These precious girls are a work in progress, as we all are!

I showed the girls on the map where the food was going - to Nicaragua. It was specially ordered for the new babies that are being weaned.

I love this place, I love what they do! I pray that our daughters will have a heart for the children, for the hungry and the homeless, and for the orphans.

We all talked about how tired our hands were but that we kept on working to feed the children. It was kind of a mini transformation. She was disappointed that this was the special event she got to go to! (Emma and Anna stayed with the babysitter)

When I asked Ellie if she had fun, the look on her face was as if she wanted to say to me - "are you kidding, that was the furthest thing from fun"- BUT in a positive note, she doesn't have all those words yet! And here I was just recently complaining about her English- silly me!!

If you are interested in doing this they have a mobile unit and can come to you where ever you are!!


Karin said...

Wow...that is so cool! So awesome for them to learn to serve at such a young age. Maybe it will eventually be fun to Ellie. :)

Holly said...

That is great!

Rebekah said...

Nicaragua is one of my most favorite places in the whole world! My hubby and our ministry ( go there 4-5 times a year for missions, and I get to go every year or so. (We have taken 4 of our 6 children there for missions.) It was actually the orphans in Nica. whom God used to open our hearts to adoption. And yes, there are very, very hungry people there. It is the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere.

So glad you and your girls had this opportunity!

Lori said...

Oh, I just love that! I will check out their website. What a great ministry!

And hahahahaha about Ellie not knowing enough English to complain. That makes me wonder why we teach any of our children to speak! LOL

Sophie said...

What a wonderful opportunity to serve, we will be volunteering there next weekend with our kids and a bunch of cousins.