Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gotta Love 'em!

We have a little problem at our house...
The garbage drawer keeps slowly rolling open...
It happens to drive somebody absolutely crazy...

Of course this whole issue started when someone... I'm not gonna mention any names... Happened to push down really hard while tightly packing the garbage.
My only thought- was it that necessary to push down so hard?

Then a certain someone had no idea how on earth it broke?

Hmmm, I wonder??

BUT, no worries!! He fixed it!!

Ya, it's duct tape!

That's my guy!!

Mr. Handy!!

On another note- We have decided to put all 6 in one room! It is a big room and they still have a playroom and a school room. So far no one is into "their privacy" so we are okay for awhile!

The other room will be all set up for boys and Sam's clothes will be in that closet. It will be ready for when little boy #2 joins our family. Then the guys will room together!

We will also give him the option of being with us if we see he needs "an option".

There will be some boy toys already in the blue room when Sam comes home- so if he need time away from the girls he can hang out in there!

It will have a double bed for our guests. We will change to bunks or whatever if necessary.

I have a good feeling that this will be a good fit for our family.

Thank you so much for your input!!


Karin said...

Oh, too funny about the duct tape! :) Yesterday, we saw a car that had duct taped it's bumper on. Seriously.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love the idea!!!!! :) Hey, we are camp directors- didn't you know duct tape and twine can fix anything???

Sally-Girl! said...

OH I could humor you with the ceiling fan story and the nightmare bunkbed stories with my hubby, but heck I have to go find 2 pounds to get rid of out of my checked luggage. I don't know how I can be at 44 pounds! I know that is the limit, but afraid my scale might be off. I mean since Christmas it is having odd numbers come up each time I get on it!!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Too funny!
We have a rolled out garbage compactor, too. I've taken it all apart and can't find the spring that would fix it. LL even does pretend crushing where she leans her knee against a cabinet and makes the sound. She thinks you are supposed to have to knee the door closed. ;O
Now if I figure it out, I'll post, and if you do, please share.
Sharing the room sounds fun! We shared growing up, and our late night giggle boxes are favorite memories.
Happy happy January!!!

Susan A said...

Try using the blue tac if the duct tape bothers ya :)

I'm glad you were able to settle on all 6 in the same room, your plan sounds great! :)

Jodi said...

I wont even take photos of my cabinets! :) Love the bedroom idea!! Sam with be comfy cozy with the girls! People thought we were horrible making our little girls share a room - but Jorja has been home for 2 years and still hates being alone! Sharing a room for 5 years with 16 other kiddos will do that. :)

Lori said...

Watch out Bob Villa, Jim is in the house. Before you know it, he'll have his own handy-man TV show.

Love Sally's comment...ironically, my scales seem to be off too. Some sort of conspiracy, I'm sure.

Dr. D said...

Lol, I won't be letting my hubbie see your post, Jean. Or Dawn's reply. :-). After 13 years I've almost totally weaned my cowboy off of the stuff! He'll see that photo and say, "See, you can do just about anything with duct tape." :-D

Excited to see the romm set up for 6. :-)

Dr. D said...

Sorry, that should be "room" set up for 6. :-)

Sammy said...

That duck tape is going to ruin your great cabinets. : - ) I used it on my dryer, because my daughter kept slamming the door.