Monday, January 17, 2011


Praise God!!
This sweet boy has a family!!
Thank you Jesus!!

Isn't he precious, isn't he perfect! God doesn't make mistakes! 
He is exactly the way God had planned for him to be and now a dear family has seen him and stepped forward!
He is their son- they recognized him!
How wonderful that is!
He has a home and a family that will love him forever!

I am so grateful to you, God!

Please pray for his friend on my sidebar! 
The boys actually are close friends in the orphanage!
God hears our prayers- He just did and he will again!
Thank you


Holly said...


Sophie said...

Praise God!!!

Jodi said...

yahoo!!! He is faithful!!!

Pam said...

I am so happy to see this news! Because more than once when I'd visit your blog and see his sweet face, I've wondered if WE were his family. But we are not, and I'm thrilled to see that this little guy's family has found him! Yippppeeee!

Annie said...

AS I was putting my post together last week, I saw that he was matched!!! Praise God!!! YAY!

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Jean! We first saw his face here. What if you hadn't posted his picture??? What if I hadn't clicked over to your blog from the side of someone else's blog? God has opened windows AND doors so far in such amazing ways. Thank you for being His conduit for our family to grow in love. Pray for all the obstacles to be swept away to allow this precious boy a family of his own.

Karin said...

Wow...that is awesome news!! Every time I saw his face on your blog I would think, "He is so blue. He needs his family to find him soon." Sooooo happy that he is getting his family!!