Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NVC, Swimming Fun and Prayers Needed!

We got both of our NVC letters! Yippee Jesus! So thankful! They came yesterday! They will be picked up tomorrow!! WoooHooo!
BUT there is CNY and they do not know when they will be cabled because of the holiday. It is setting us back a week- bummer.
We will travel when God has planned- lets hope it's sooner rather than later!

The weather has been cool and cloudy but they don't care! They love to swim rain or shine! I love watching them swim! It never gets old for them!
I was in a sweatsuit taking pictures!

The girls are freezing when they come out of the pool- but that doesn't stop them either- they just want to swim and swim! I think it is so therapeutic! It taps into all of their senses and it is downright fun!
After swimming we go back to our place for a hot shower! 

I brought my bible down to the pool and spent this time praising God! I love to open it up and see where he takes me! The degree of my faith does not match my biblical knowledge. I hope that it will change as I read and learn more!
It seemed that God was guiding me as I read! 
I opened it up to Isaiah 1-5! It was great reading! So many messages that are so important! 
And of course I had to go a little further to Isaiah 6:8 - Who will go?

What does the Lord want from us? He wants us to serve him, he was us to trust him and he wants us to obey him!
I always think of the future- I do this to a fault. I plan and I plan again. It seems to me that among many things, God was saying to me to be ready- be ready to go when I ask.
He wasn't telling me when we would be done adopting or that we wouldn't be done- he was telling me to be ready to go- when he asks.
GO? Where?
I don't know?
So much for my planning!

Once again our Mark has a friend in desperate need of prayer. His friend was skiing and accidentally when off a cliff with rocks. He has a severe head injury and multiple facial fractures. he is in ICU and critical- please pray for Joe L.

(Mark just lost a friend in a car accident a week before Christmas)

My heart aches for these families and for these dear boys. There is something about this age (around 20-21 yrs old) - the boys are a little reckless, they make mistakes and feel invincible.
Mark's heart is heavy and he is concerned for his friend.
Please pray!
Thank you!


Sarah said...

Praying for Joe...

Holly said...

praying with Sarah!

Anita said...

Congrats on the next step accomplished to your children, Jean!! YAY!!

What another tragedy to hear about Mark's friend, Joe. Praying for the Lord's hand of healing on him!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Yippeee...praying for God's timing :)

Love seeing them have fun :)

will be hard....Praying

Adeye said...

Praying friend....for everything on your heart.

quilt-n-mama said...

praying for you now! So glad your letters came!

TanyaLea said...

so glad you got your NVC letters... yeah! :)

I love what God is speaking to your heart, I'm feeling it, too. Like you, I all too often look ('plan') into the future... but then I realize, that isn't really faith, it's me taking back the reins. I have to remember to let Him be in control, as I know His plan is much better than my own!

We will most certainly be praying for Mark's friend and for his heart. I lost a few friends around this age, too. All males. They were various reasons, included 2 who took their own lives. It is such a tough age and I will be praying for God's comfort and loving grace for everyone involved.


Janet and Kevin said...

I love your sweet, sweet heart for the Lord! I, too, am a massive planner, but God has other plans most of the time! :) Kevin and I are learning (over and over again) that our plans don't really matter - but God's do. So now, even though we feel we will be done adopting once Sophia is home and on our way to helping others adopt instead, who really knows! As my dear husband says, "Nothing would surprise me now"

Will be praying for your son's friend. How very sad.

janet and gang