Friday, January 7, 2011

The Talk...

So, um, Mom, um, like when are you going to have, like, um, that, um, like, um, talk with, um, me?

Ahhhhhh, yes, very soon!

Okay, okay...

 It's a family joke!

Hubby and I have failed in this area...

All 5 of the birth children learned from the neighbors children...

I know, I know... it's nothing to be proud of but honestly my neighbor did a bang up job! 4 of 5 of our older children learned from their children(same family)! All I can say is they did a great job explaining and the word spread!

Okay, maybe the wrong word but still they did a great job!

They've moved... We moved... it's up to us!

Do you smell fear?

Hey, I got it under control, don't worry!

Kinda, sorta, maybe?


Lori said...

Bahahahahahahaha!!!!! That is hilarious!!

I had the talk with both our boys. With Nick we were driving down the road (no place for him to go!) and I swear that kid was trying to figure out a way to throw himself out the window! LOL

Hey, I know...tell her in Chinese! Maybe it will be easier in another language! LOL

Very Lucky Parents said...

LOL I know have your older kids tell them!!!! :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Yea, that is why we got the "story of Me" book series....easy to read - different age levels for appropriateness......and not too bad. Works for us :)

Hezra said...

Jean-- we got the same books . Just skimmed over a few minor details. lol all in all, informative but easy to work with. and from a biblical standpoint. You crack me up. lol

Angie said...

The talk? I'm cringing at the thought of it...I have those books, too. There are four of them...I can't imagine what would be left to explain after book 2!

Holly said...

I looked at those books that others mentioned and had a COW.
I had such fear back then. I knew the time was coming that I was going to need to talk to Anthony and my husband was an even bigger chicken than I was, so it was on me. When it happened, it was natural and I just inwardly begged the Lord to give me the words.
As we talked I realized that my fear was NOT of the Lord and that it was silly. I mean sex is a gift from God to be shared and enjoyed between a husband and wife. the ENEMY has tried to take that and bring shame and ickyness (yes that is a word!!) and I just decided NO he wasn't, not on my watch!
We have shared more as the children have gotten older, okay I have shared more, the hubs is still a chicken. I wanted to be able to have the door open for communication and questions as they grow so I set the tone for whether this is uncomfortable or natural.
You can do it and God will give you the right words at the right time :)

susieloulou said...

Hey, how did YOUR parents do? My mom was a DOCTOR and she handed me a booklet she got free from a sanitary pad manufacturer!
You'll do way better.
I have confidence.

Adeye said...

hahahahahahahaha......sooooooo right there with you, friend. The joys of being a parent :)

Cari said...

lol....i had "the talk" my newest adopted daughter and explained to her that Santa wasn't real...all in the same week. That was weird!

Sarah said...

Lily, who is 10, LOVES The Body Book (It's a God Thing), Lily series. She carries it around the house and asks all sorts of questions! Adam and Lily have both had a pretty easy time of it, since we have talked to them about their bodies and sex in a natural, age-appropriate way since they were little.

Yana, on the other hand, HATES to talk about anything like that. She didn't want to talk about getting her period, so I had to force her to read a book about it. She's a little more relaxed now, but not too much.

Praying that it goes well for you!