Friday, January 7, 2011

Time For A Trim!

Yesterday was a cloudy rainy day so we decided it was the perfect day for the girls to get their hair trimmed!

Last year Anna whaled through the whole event- this year was much better, as you can see!

They were all so excited! BUT they wanted to make sure that they didn't take too much off! After having their hair chopped off (against their will) in China, all the girls want long hair!

The hairstylist was as excited as the girls! They said"Weren't you here last year with two girls?"
"Yes we were and next year we will be back with six!!"
We'll see if Samuel wants any part of this tradition!?! Hubby and Sam may have to go to the local Barber!

Ellie's hair has a bit of a wave/curl to it. It's much different than Emma and Sarah's hair. Anna's is fine with a little wave, too.

Pretty girls!

I can't wait for Ava to grow her hair out! They have been keeping it very short in China. 

Sarah took the later appt and had an audience!

This girl has so much hair and it never falls out. We can comb and comb and only one measly strand will be in the  comb.

The girls eat up the TLC! 

It is so wonderful to see their hair so healthy! 

Happy Girls!

It was a good day! We also hunted for a Chinese restaurant and finally found one! 


Cari said...

that looks like a lot of fun pampering and bonding time. that must make them feel like princesses!

Joan said...

Oh... they all look so pretty! What a fun day for you. I need to do the same with my girls soon.

Lori said...

DARLING haircuts! A fresh do always makes a girl feel super special! Love it!

Dr. D said...

Everyone's hair looks healthy and pretty! :-)

Pam said...

Beautiful! All 4 of them!

Sarah said...


Shelly said...

BEAUTIFUL girls! What a fun day!

Sally and I have "met" and were hoping to travel together to get our girls! Thanks so much for stopping by and giving encouragement! The end is in sight!

Jan said...

I hope it was Su's Garden that you found!! If not, you must try it...Delish. The pic of the salon gave it away. I've been reading your blog for a long time and love reading about your adoptions and the daily life in your family. Hope you're having a nice vacation!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love it!!!! Can I just say they are just beautiful :) !!!!

Rebekah said...

Beautiful! I wish my hair would stay in as well as Sarah's! Mine falls out all the time!

Holly said...

Beautiful! There's just something about a new haircut!

Sally-Girl! said...

They are so cute and have to agree I love the healthy hair. Unless you have seen unhealthy hair on a child you can not imagine how good that feels!!!

I am planning on getting Gracie's hair cleaned up in GZ just like you did with the girls. Where exactly did you go?

Sophie said...

They look darling!!

Difference2This1 said...

Beautiful girls :) Blessings, Jennifer