Monday, January 24, 2011

Waiting and Blossoming...

We are waiting for our NVC letter. It should have come by now BUT the state of NH has had a ton of snow. People could not get to work last week, including those lovely people at the NVC office- bummer! I am hoping they send our letter very soon to the US Consulate in GZ. It is so out of my control- we are praying over it and hoping that tomorrow is the day!

This is Emma... she could not do this 2 weeks ago. She could not tighten her legs around this pole and let herself down gently. Today she DID IT!!

Big Sis Sarah helped the others- we watched and instructed along with taking pics! 
Sarah loves to help! It is so rewarding when they learn! It continues to happen- slow but sure!

She has only been home 2 years and she is an incredible daughter! So full of life and love!

This is Ann's first time, too!!

Success! How sweet it is!!

This will be taking the place of continuous Gymnastics! We will do session but not all year!
In order to do this the brain must be integrated- right side talking to left side, alternating hands while legs hanging on tight and gently letting yourself down.
 It is a huge step for Emma- one that I do not even fully understand. We are learning as she is learning!

Good job Ellie! Ellie can do many things but often will view them as too much work ;-) We encourage her to try and praise her for her success! She is so much happier and healthier right now! Praise God!!

We have seen tremendous progress in Emma. She is trying so hard to talk to us, she wants to converse with her parents. She is beginning to stutter often and trying to get the words out- sometimes she can't find the words or she gets hung up on the first sound. We just help her get over the hump and she says what she can. It is short and sweet but let me tell you she is so happy- it is heartwarming!

I am continuously amazed at the progress. It is slow but continuous! It makes my heart feel so thankful and often I just want to fall to my knees in thankfulness.

Her attachment to me is going very well- I am kind of the last one but I am no longer worried. If I must say so myself- she adores me! There is a big smile on my face as I type this!

We see nothing of the child we saw in China. The child that scared us big time. The child that I needed permission from peers to possibly disrupt if necessary.  Just so you know once I got that permission- God made it clear that was not in his plan. I knew we would keep her but it did go through my mind and it never had before with any other adoption.

She is the nicest girl and she tries so so hard. She is so happy to be loved and cherished! We felt that even thought their was sibling rivalry, Ellie was also relieved that her sister was loved and treated kindly. I don't think she was ever treated very well. We also think that Ellie was a bit shocked that she was not favored but instead she was treated fairly.

How did God know?? If I had known I wouldn't have chosen this path- but he chose it for us- how perfect it that. How thankful we are that He is in control! God, you just keep doin your thing, we'll keep praying to you and you just let us know what is next!

Why would I want to decide when he does a better job of it!

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom on my last post! I will be implementing them immediately!! I knew what I needed to hear and you all said it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

You totally make me giggle because you can just tell so obviously how much you love your children. I LOVE IT!!!!!! So wish we lived anywhere near you? Oh well.

I love your heart! Praying you get your letter soon!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing the updates on your beautiful wont' be able to say that much longer- it will have to be girls and boy :) can't wait!!

Adeye said...

Oh my friend, what a beautiful post. I just love how much you love you swete girls. How blessed you are. They have come so far in such a short time. Adoption is such an incredible thing. It truly blows me away to see these kids transform so quickly. Amazing.

And, they are beautiful like their mama too :)

Shonni said...

I am almost crying as I write to you have been such an inspiration to me as we proceed with the adoption of Asher and Noelani...I am scared and excited and then I read about your daughters and I am excited! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us all. I was scared to adopt an older child, yet, partly due to your story, the LORD changed my heart.
Thank you so much sweet friend. I pray that at some point I can meet you in “live” and hug you!

Susan A said...

Loved your post, Jean, made me smile... you are one great momma :)

Sue said...

Great post...As you are learning so much from Emma and helping her with her challenges, we are also learing a lot too.....

Holly said...

What a fantastic post! The progress is so wonderful! God certainly does have His hand on those girls!

Dr. D said...

Oh the love. How precious, Jean.

What a sweet photo of Sarah helping. Doesn't it do a mama good to see sibling kindness and love. :)

So happy to hear how Ellie and Emma are thriving.

Trish said...

Jean, I've been lurking lately, just found your blog last week and read through the whole thing, I know, I need a life, lol. You have a great family, I think we have the same b-day? May 25th? Only you're one year older, finally a mom with young kids older than me:) Are you in Florida now???? Naples? Marco? We are in Fort Myers!!!! Praying your paperwork gets processed fast!!!!! Trish

Sarah said...

Your girls are doing so wonderfully! You're a great mom!

Rebekah said...

Hey Jean, have you emailed the NVC? I emailed them and received it yesterday, so I didn't have to wait the extra day or 2 for mail. (Only I learned our agency's contact in China is in HK this week and probably won't be able to deliver what is necessary until MOnday. :-( And we're still waiting on the other son's paperwork to make it through. . . )