Monday, January 10, 2011

What Do You Think?

Once again, as we add to more children to our family, we are trying to figure out the bedroom situation.

Last time I asked you on my blog- you were right on! Most of you suggested having all 4 girls sleep in the same room. It has worked out perfectly!!

The girls have bonded together!
They are not afraid at night.
Their parents have slept wonderfully!!
Only twice have we had to put a kabosh on the late night conversations - other wise they talk for about 15 minutes and fall asleep!

Soooo, here is our idea- let me know what you think of it and feel free to give me any suggestions!!

We are thinking of ordering another set of bunk beds just like the ones we have and putting it in the girls bedroom. We would then have six children on one room. It is a big room about 15 by 13 (just a guess).

The third bunk would cover part of the window. It would go right where the large teddy bear and rocker
are. It is not ideal but I think it will work. The 3rd bunk would cover half the window. I usually don't put beds in front of windows but I have seen it done and I like it. 
The 3 bunks would then be in a U shape. If Ellie wants to move up- we would then have the 3 youngest on the bottom bunks- Ava, Anna and Sam.

The corner bunks are really quite cozy- Anna loves hers! She is the bottom pink bunk.
I think we could still leave the comfy chair in there but the bookshelf, picture and lamp would have to go.

We do have another empty bedroom but it has been nice to have it available for guests. I can see Emma and Ellie welcoming Ava and Sam into the room but I feel like it is too soon to make them move to another room. They are doing so well I don't want to mess it up!

 Since Sam is the only boy (so far) I want him to feel welcomed to the crew and not singled out to another room. Plus if he sleeps with the kids and not us- we will sleep better and be better parents! Once we have more boys they can have the other room- and it will be an all boy room, just for them!
Of course once he moves to the "soon to be" blue room there will be an extra bed in the girls room. I'm just sayin...
Uh, wonder what we should do with it??

So what do you think? Do you like that plan or not? What would you do??

We could do the 3 younger together and then the 3 older together but that would hopefully soon requires us to make another bedroom change when/ if more boys come our way?

I'm looking forward to your comments!!
Thank you so much!!


Joy said...

As long as there is enough room, I would say put them together. We did the same.

Dr. D said...

{{smile}} I was looking forward to this post, wondering what arrangements you had in mind. Your rooms always look so cool.

I know you mentioned eventually having a boys' room, so for now could you have a Sam and Ava room?

That way, Sam wouldn't have to be in a room that's already "girlie" and Ava and Sam would have each other as roomies for now. When the time is right Ava could move into the girls' room (then you would only need one bed, instead of a bunk blocking the window.)

If Sam has brothers joining the family he'll have roommates to join him when Ava moves to the girls' room. Even if brothers aren't coming just around the corner, he might be able to convince you to fill his spacious room with giant train tracks and an electric caboose! :-D

Looking forward to hearing all the suggestions and seeing how you eventually work it out. :-)

Dawn said...

You have wonderful ideas and your home is huge and beautiful. It might be too that a Sam And Ava room is good though. I wonder if Sam and Ava's adjustments might be more then the girls had at night, and they might get the girls a bit upset with night time issues. Then you might have more going on in this room then is what you want. Would Sam and Ava's room be close to yours? Planning is good but it always surprises me that some times you get some thing you never had thought of... always exciting huh? ;-)


Tammy said...

I agree with a Sam/Ava room for now. When you get another boy, move Ava over to the girls room. The three oldest/three youngest idea might be too hard on Anna until she gets to know her new siblings. Plus, this room is very girly. Will be nice for him to have a place that's "his". Would cause problems with changing clothes etc. too. The girls would not be able to freely do so in their own rooms. I know this sounds unfair to Ava so maybe the other girls can take turns "camping out" with her in the Sam/Ava room for a while. ???

Susan A said...

If any of your sons are still living with you, couldn't Sam go into their room? It seems the most logical situation :)

Susan A said...

logical situation? I think I meant logical solution? :)

Bringing our little Emporer home said...

how about Sam/Ava/Anna in one room...kinda like the bigs room and littles room. Would Anna feel displaced?!?!?! that way she can be the "older wiser" one to the littles and feel like a "big"!
just a thought.
can't wait to hear

Anita said...

WOW! I'm not sure Jean. I'd definitely be in favor of whatever works for mom and dad to get sleep. I'm hoping that happens once we get Kaleb home and just maybe it'll inspire Kaylin to sleep in her own bed the entire night and not just part of it! :) I'll be anxious to see what you decide. Praise God for your wonderful home that allows Him to keep adding to your family! :)

Nancy said...

I think you need to address the privacy issue that Tammy mentioned. You do have a son still at home, don't you? Sam could room with him until you get another boy. Praying for you and your decision.

Grandma Shelley said...

I say do what ever works for you and the kiddos. I know lots of boys and girls who shared a room, and none of them were harmed by it. Not like it would be a forever kind of thing. Go where your heart leads you!

From the Erben Gang..... said...

I say put them all in one room. In Breck-we have 6 in one room. You could always move them if they weren't sleeping well. And I know very well that oarents that sleep well are happy parents. The girls will bond with them more, sharing a room. I think anna would not be happy being banished to the little kids room! And a tiny boy does not care about privacy. They will swap roommates many times over--by then, it sounds like you will have other options for roommmates:)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I would put them together :) And totally fill the empty bed when you can- just sayin'!!!!!

For their security and comfort- this seems like a great way to do it. We feel that even if the room is a little squished- they like being together. There is the rest of the home to run around for roominess when they want to. Bedrooms are for secrets, laughter, and whispers of fun. My opinion :)

Then when more boys come home- you switch them to a boy room. :)

Karin said...

Everyone already had great ideas, so I will just say that I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide. :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Lots of good ideas!! BUt I know you too well and you will waffle back and forth for awhile and then come up with a GREAT decision for YOUR family!!!!!

Tesseraemum said...

Good Points all around! I will say that the beds aren't anchored down and you can make changes if need be. The big girls will probably start pushing for a big girl room in the next few years so having them together now might be good. Then when they start asking to have a big girl room and you agree they will feel special!
My 3 natural kids moved around quite a bit at our old house and we ended up with all three in one room! Isaac was ready for his own room when we moved but the girls, even with a 6 year age difference have enjoyed sharing a room and it is not nearly as big as your kid room!! Have fun planning!! Sheri

Serving the King said...

Girl I am going to be in the whatever works for you club! Coincidentally in the next day or two I am going to do a post about my dream boy sleeps 8! Hello! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see who else gets to occupy the boy room at some point with Sam!!!

Holly said...

Let me just say, your girls' room is probably the most beautiful little girls' room I have ever seen. I just love it! (And do whatever works for you...I kind of think putting the two newest ones together might work well, but you know better than us what would work best for your family.) :)

Rebekah said...

It looks like you have several very doable options! What a blessing to have more than one possibility! Do what works best for your family! And then be flexible to change later if necessary. :0)

David and Janet Hurley said...

I know your big boy needs his own space, and that would put the little boy too far away from you. I would buy the bunks, set them up as the "new kids" room. Then the beds will match and you can move them to the girls room when you get more boys. That will give you space for 1 more girl too=).
We have 2 rooms that size too. One is boys room, one girls, seperated by a bath. Girls has 2 twins, adding a daybed. Boys has 2 queens, will use for a while, then change to twin lofts. Before adding they new boy and girl, we are removing all toys, so the rooms are pretty much for sleeping only. We have other rooms for toys.

Sammy said...

My two 8 y.o. boys have their own room, but they would sleep in the girl's room on the floor anytime I would let them.

Jodi said...

Absolutely perfect!! We have a small bedroom that we are calling now the "little kid room" One bunk bed (bottom bunk is a twin bed) and two toddler beds. This technically lends for 5 sleeping areas (as our girls love sleeping together on the bottom bunk.) We are waiting our two boys from Ethiopia to share this room! We have also been given another bunk bed that can be put in my 14 year olds room - for the "girls" room, and then we will have even more room for more!!! Love it!!
I will be following your blog as you wait for your little ones to come home!!!! Congratulations!

Nicole A. said...

I'd vote for all in one room, until Sam is done with sharing a room with his five sisters, or when you add another boy to the fam, whichever comes first!

By the way, what a cool dilemma to have - where to put all the kiddos! I think you guys are fabulous!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA