Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Did YOU know them when you first saw them? (part 1)

When we first started to adopt, we prayed that God would find the child that was meant to be in our family. The child that was connected by a red thread and waiting for us to come and get her. When we saw Anna's picture both of our hearts leapt right out of our chests. We literally shook with excitement as we tried to call and talk to someone at our agency.

When I saw Sarah's pic- I was immediately drawn to her. I kept questioning God because- oh my an older child adoption was something to fear (at least that is what we thought). Hubby had all the same fears but when he saw her pic he said "let's go for it!"

We have a local family here that adopted older sibling girls about 5 years ago. A.  It was so rare to have siblings from China. Then one year later there were our girls sitting on the waiting child list again I was
completely intrigued with it. I felt like God was communicating with me. he had prepared our heart for sibling girls and their they were! When we got an update and academic reports I prepared myself for Hubby's reaction. I was thinking he is not going to want to do this. Much to my surprise he read it and said "let's do it". 


Sam's file was about to be returned. It had been on the waiting child list for a long time and no one seemed to be up for it. I admired him for many months but couldn't do anything about it.
My heart just couldn't let this dear boy go back. He may never get a family if it went back- that was unthinkable. So we went out on a limb and were able to grab it right before it went back to China.

I was also very drawn to Ava's picture. Her smile exuded joy. She seemed like a perfect fit for this family. China was just beginning to let up on dual adoptions and just as we were allowed to see her file they made the announcement that they were officially allowing them!
The timing was perfect! The timing was HIS!

Only once has God actually spoke to me in an audible tone (regarding our adoptions that is) and said "this is your child". That story will be revealed... in the future. Believe me when God's words come true you will be the first to know! I can hardly wait to tell you all about it!!

This post has morphed and now I am finally where I was trying to get go but out of blogging time so I will finish this thought tomorrow!

When you saw your child did you know right away? Did the tug start out small and grow and grow? Or maybe you saw them and didn't think they were you child but later went back to them? How did it happen for you?

(Part 2 of this post is tomorrow)


Adeye said...

Yes, friend, we pretty much knew right away....just a deep sense of knowing that we know kinda thing. You know?

Shonni said...

Yes, I always “knew” that one of our children was suppose to be ours when I saw them. We really just trust that the LORD will show us who and when and HE always has!

From the Erben Gang..... said...

Actually- we had no clue. We wanted a "healthy" child. Our social worker kept working in us.... "you r just made for a waiting child". We finally "caved". About 1 month later we got a call from our agency saying "we found your daughter". Boy were they right! As soon as we say here wanted to jump on a plane

Sarah said...

Just wrote about our first glimpse of Jadon today.

Can't wait to read part 2 of your post.

Mama Fish said...

Gosh we also had no clue. I think God has grown me through both of our adoption journeys. They were each walks of faith, but very, very different. He really used each to refine me in completely different ways. I was filled with doubts about my capacity to love, and God has shown me that He's already given it to me. He's prepared these children for me, and me for them. I don't know why I am amazed... but I always am.

Jennifer said...

Ooooh! I love this post! Can't wait to read tomorrow's post! :)

Susan A said...

That's awesome about how God spoke to you an audible voice "this is your child".. .wow!

Can't wait to hear more about it in His timing :)

Sally-Girl! said...

With Bryson, I had already read his file and knew that it was on it's way back to China, but hadn't seen a photo of him until it came across my printer, once I saw it, I knew without a doubt.

Gracie, I also knew but the timing needed to be His and not mine, which was hard to accept, but lookie who I have sitting on my lap as I type!!!

For Marissa and Gio, Robert knew and I went with it and so very glad I trusted my hubby's judgement!

We are blessed!!!

trina said...

The first two were NSN but I knew when I saw them that all was right in the world. :) I had prayed that prayer, as well. Benjamin was adopted through the SN program so we saw his picture before we were even thinking about adopting again. The first time i saw his picture, I knew. He was so beautiful and his birthday was very close to Hudson's. His story is such a miracle story that I've written on our website and might be on our blog,too. Now, Joel didn't feel the same as he said we were "done." haha It took him awhile to hear from God that he was ours. Oh what would life be without Benjamin? We love him so much!
I meant to comment the other day on your post about adopting limb difference kiddos. Benjamin is missing his left hand. He can do everything and is actually more advanced than most kids in every way. Smart. Strong. Amazing. I so would love to adopt another little one with a limb difference. And like you, I can't stop thinking about a missing foot this time. These kids are amazing and nothing stops them. Benjamin, age 4, has now noticed his hand and notices that others are always asking about it.That's another story for another post that I hope to share sometime soon. But we continue to teach him to say, "God made my hand this way and I can do everything you can do." There is a yahoo group for limb differences. You should join if you haven't already. :)

Janet and Kevin said...

This was an interesting post and one that got me to thinking. With Philip I have to say, "Yes,once we knew he was ours,we just connected with his pictures." We even could tell what type of personality he had and were not surprised when he came home spunky and sure of himself becaue that is exactly how he looked in his pictures. And even after a rough beginning of bonding with him, he is so bonded and attached to all of us and we are to him.

With Elijah, each of his pictures was SO different that at times we weren't even sure it was the same little boy. So we never could connect with the child in the picture. When we met him and as we have gotten to know him, he has been a bit more difficult to connect with - not that we don't love him because we love him to the moon and back, but still we don't always feel like we know him well yet. His bonding and attachment period is still a work in process. Does that make sense? I think that is why God gave us CLEAR signs Eiljah was our son before we even met him. He just knew at times this process would be difficult. But still, he is such a love bug, and more often than not, we are feeling the attachment grow.

With our daughter who is waiting in China, once we started really looking at her pictures, we felt connected to her. In fact, one of my friends recently told me that when she looks at Sophia's pictures, she just knows she belongs to us! Hopefully she is right about feeling that connection because we feel that way as well.

We feel so very blessed to have our precious children in our lives, and we also think it is a bit interesting that God has given us clues to what our attachment time might hold for each of our dear children.

janet and gang