Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Moment Away!

Yesterday we hopped on a plane and headed south! Just Johnny, Hubby and me! It was such a weird feeling to go without the girls. I know they are in good hands with big sister Kate and our sitter Karen!

It feels kind of good to have this moment away! 

It feels good to be able to be here for JOhnny (soccer tournament). I can tell he is happy we are both here!

We are enjoying adult conversations with other parents!

There is no stroller to push around and no car seat to take in and out, in and out, in and out!

I feel very relaxed! 

Hubby and I got to sit next to each other on the plane!

Slept well and had a leisurely BKF!

I am on my computer now- uninterrupted!

We got into the elevator and stood there... it didn't move... why? because there was no little girls to push the buttons!

I have pushed the elevator buttons more times in the last 12 hours than in the last 3 years!

We are so excited to see the soccer team play! Going to soccer tournaments is not something I can usually do. We bring the girls when they are close but we can't  bring them when they are a plane ride away. This is a real treat for me and us! It feels so good to support JOhnny. This is the last big year for him- next year he will already know which college he is going to so his team won't travel very much.

As we were checking into the hotel at 11:00 at night in walks one of my best friends from home! Have't seen her since December- how funny that we should run into each other at the same hotel in Phoenix! She is here for a wedding!

Last night one of my favorite earings went down the drain- bummer. This morning maintenance has already gotten it out!

This morning the phone rang- it was from home. I didn't get to it in time. They didn't leave a message-I didn't call back. ;-)  I 'm guessing they are okay! They didn't call back. I'm guessing it was Sarah calling to say HI OR Anna wet the bed! The minute the phone rang I thought I forgot to remind Kate to have the girls go to the bathroom before going to bed! 

What do you think it was about?

Yes, I wil call home soon or text to check in!

It is supposed to rain here- a lot. It was beautiful the whole week and now it will rain in a place that hardly gets any rain BUT that's okay. 

Don't worry- I won't get used to this life! By tomorrow I will be missing home and those sweet smiling faces! This is nice for a little while BUT it would be a lonely life for me- and not the one that God has chosen for us!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Enjoy your time. It is always nice to have a bit of adult conversation every once in a while :) I know for us it is rare, but so great to get back to those adorable interruptions :) too!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

So glad for your moment away! Have fun.

Sally-Girl! said...

So glad you get this time with hubby and mostly with Johnny. I know how difficult it is to balance older kids and the new set of younger kids. You are doing a great job!!

I guess I should have been with Kevin in Hawaii this last week for his golf tournament!!! Actually if I had not just got home with Gracie, I would have as I have a Delta ticket we had to cancel when MIL got ill that has to be used by June.

Have FUN!!!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Good for you, enjoy! But I'm with you , I can't imagine being an empty nester.