Saturday, February 12, 2011

The second part of the post- What can we do?

Okay- I'm going to try to finish this post. I have completely lost my momentum and I'm not even sure I can be clear and on point, but I will try...
(drives me crazy when this happens) Our ART 5 will be picked up on Monday and next is TA so I'm thinking about packing for China and the logistics at home, among many other things!
(plus the fact that I have written this 3 times, found myself completely off track each time and deleted it)

Straight to the point-
 When I look at the waiting children, my heart breaks. It's different now- I am no longer looking at who is our child. I feel connect to all of them. I cannot bare that these precious souls live without a mother, a father and a family. I look at their pictures, their longing eyes, their needs and I think well you could fit in our family and so could you and so could you and so could you... I continually ask the agencies about their waiting children- the answer in a kind, round about way is always no because we are in the adoption process most of the time.

I know that God in his infinite wisdom knows who should be our child/ children. Thank goodness someone is in control and thank goodness it is not me!

I see the love for the orphans in you- bloggy friends. I see your hearts swelling and desires increasing to get the children home. We are in this together. Together we can serve God and change the world for the orphans.

I love adoption. Adopting our children has actually helped me understand how God has adopted me. It has helped me to understand his love for me and taught me how I can love others.  Because I see the beauty of adoption with in our own home- I encourage others to adopt, adopt, adopt! And now, China has opened the door (rather God has opened China's door) to bringing home more that one child at a time. I realize this is not for every family BUT it is for us and I look at it as an incredible opportunity to double the blessings.

So here is my question to you- when your quiver is full- when God let's you know that your family is complete (or you age out ;-)
What more will you do? You may no longer adopt but there is so much more work to be done for the orphans.

Where do you think the needs are greatest (for the orphans)? (getting them home to other families, spreading God's word, education, food, training for the caretakers, foster homes, etc)

If NOTHING was holding you back, what would you do?

I asked Sarah "When she was in China what did she want more than anything?" I didn't know what her answer would be- I was more thinking along the lines of what could we provide for the children that might brighten their day.
Her answer was "A Mommy and a Daddy."

It is so simple- please adopt these sweet waiting children!


Patricia said...

How touching. Those photos make me speechless.... her waiting for her mommy and daddy.

I was pondering this the other day ~ when will I stop wanting another?!


Jennifer said...

We're just starting our process but I feel, like you, a complete connection with every child. I literally want to give all of them a home, my home. I want to rock them when they've had a bad dream and snuggle with them when they don't feel good. Kiss their ouchies and tell them how loved they are, just they way they are. Totally understand.
I think, when we "age out" or feel like the Lord has closed our door, we'll be giving money to help families fund their adoptions.
The funding is probably what holds most people back.

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to get to China to meet our son but yet I am almost afraid to go because of the longing and desire I know will pervade my very being when I see the need and the eyes, oh the eyes, that tell so many stories.

All part of God's plan, that HE will use us where He needs us.

Sarah said...

Beautiful, Jean. What I think is needed most of all is for churches (people as a whole) to truly love orphans (financially, through adoption, etc.). At the moment, this is what we are really focusing on...finding a way (a specific place) for our church family to serve, advocate for and love on orphans.

Blessings to you!

Donna said...

You described so well exactly what I feel! It's so not about us having a "perfect" family - it's looking at these children and knowing I can give some of them what they need and want. The most important things - giving them love and the knowledge and gift of God who will be able to help them heal from all of their hurts and losses.

Finances are our hold-up for sure. Even for the older children that we would gladly adopt and love.

We will definitely help other families however we can financially. We are also thinking about foster care, but my heart is really for the children in orphanages who have no other options available. I'm having to really stop and think about other directions - even when my heart is in China - knowing that I still have to do something for children somewhere.

Thanks for sharing about Sarah. It's good to have insight from someone who was living in an orphanage.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Sally-Girl! said...

When you know what to do next let me know as this is a post I could have easily have written!!!

My heart is burdened for those left behind!

Janet and Kevin said...


We feel the same way! Even though the adoption process is long, tedious, and expensive, this is our third adoption in three years because God has provided. We love, love, love adopting to build a family. Kevin and I pray about this often and feel we are not done helping children without families, but it might look a little different once Sophia is home. We love, love, love the Philip Hayden Foundation where our Philip lived and want to serve it as long as we live. We also don't want to be done having small children in our home to love and help grow and guide, so we are feeling a tug to become foster care parents in the near future.

That would difinitely mean a move to add one more bedroom, but we know God will provide where He leads so we are not afraid or worried.

Praying with you to help as many children as possible and to lead others to do the same.

Love in Christ,
janet and gang

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

When the time comes that we can't adopt.....which is a LONGGGG WAYYYY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think about helping do respite or trainings. I think about advocating for children. I think about helping mothers out here that need support. I think about pregnancy crisis centers. Oh let's be honest - we think about that NOW!!!!!

Karen said...

We know that "our quiver is full" but help out the orphanage our daughters were adopted from through donations. We didn't get to see their pictures until we were matched - with siblings - in 2002. When we received our "brown envelope" we fell in love immediately. One of our daughters has a limb difference - she is missing a foot. She is now 11 yrs. old. I would be very interested in hearing from others about their experiences, especially with orthopedic doctors as we are beginning a new phase and looking into a prosthetic in place of a shoe insert. Please feel free to e-mail me at (the middle of the e-mail is the letter l not a number one). Thanks! And God be with you, Jean as your family grows. We have 7 children, but our hearts hold a lot more!

Holly said...

If money were not an object, we would go to China to live and to minister to orphans and work with orphans who are hiv+, explaining the truth about hiv- slaying the stigma and loving on the precious children infected with the virus.
We would probably adopt 2 more and advocate for many more from China :)
We have discussed this plan but we need an income right now and my hubby still is committed to the army for another few years.

Bryan said...

You are already doing what you will do when your quiver is full and that is setting the example, advocating for those without homes, encouraging and supporting:) Thanks for all you already do! I wish we were traveling with you all...I am kind of sad knowing I would already have my Article five this past week BUT now that we know we are getting both our sons I am willing to smile and be happy we have to wait a bit more!

Bryan said...

If you get a chance can you email me at I am considering homeschooling my kids..would love your advice/input

David and Janet Hurley said...

Recently, in Sunday school, the teacher asked "if God told you to go to China right now, how many of you would go (as a missionary)". DH was the only one who raised his hand (mine were busy with Waid); so who knows what we will be doing after we finish adopting! Each time we have thought we were "through". We have tried to support Christian families financialy and emotionally in their adoptions. Probably most of your readers are advocates everytime they leave the house, and that is also very important.

Holly said...

Oh, Jean. My hubby and I were just talking about this very thing the other day. Only with us, it is because I am SURE I want to adopt more, and he is NOT sure.:( So, he started suggesting that I begin focusing on what ELSE I/we can do in the meantime--before we adopt again, or if we never do. I think I decided that my absolute passion is that children who need them get families. So, I think if I could never adopt again (or for now), I would have to focus on helping others adopt. I love Stefanie's (I think it was her idea) on Nie Hao Ya'll, to raise money for other people's adoptions. Just get a jar and start collectin, and give that money to a family! I love that.

Jboo said...

Jean -- what a great post. You have an amazing family --no doubt in part because you are so amazing! Thanks for sharing.