Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Have We Been Up To or is it Too?

These pics are old- we are back home in the frigid north but it warms me up just looking at them!
We are working on starting a new curriculum with our homeschool- trying something new that hopefully will work for our crew. Ellie is ready to get going and devote more time to her education- she doesn't know that yet BUT her Momma does!
Sarah is ready for a little more independence and ready to put more hours in, she also doesn't know that yet BUT I'll tell her real soon!

We have officially cut out a few things and I am thrilled! I am happy with our choices and look forward to spending more time on school!
We have decided that Anna will start homeschool Kindergarten next year. She is so smart and other than having a little trouble sitting still she is ready to GO, go, go! She knows all her letters and sounds- thank you leapfrog!
Not sure where Sam and Ava will be at but, Hey- we're flexible!

I love seeing the children play and run! They are free! Free to be a children, to play, to explore and enjoy life! 
This is important to us!
We want to be free to enjoy them- to feel God's loving arms wrapped around us- to see the beauty that is so evident when you love HIM!

We are in the midst of making a decision. Please pray for Gods guidance, for his direction and for his desires to be our desires!

Recently I have felt a tug from God. A tug to check into a different disability/ability. One that I would have never done before.
Why?? I don't know? It was just not one that was on our short list. I love how God gently guides us. Bloggy friends- he guides us through you, through prayer, through other friend- I love how he works!

Now... is a time to wait... to wait for answers to our prayers... to wait for doors to open and close...

Friends, I love the adventure HE takes us on and the challenges He brings to our lives but I'm not really a fan of waiting...


Faye Verquer said...

Jean you are AMAZING! I love reading about your and your family. I would LOVE to be able to do all you do. I have a strange question for you! Where do you vacation? It looks WONDERFUL! We try to find something this peaceful every time we start planning our vacations and we see it in pictures but never get that same tranquility! If you dont mind sharing I would love to know where this is! you can also email me at if you don't want to post it to the world!

I cannot wait to see how Sam and Ava fit into all of this fun! I am so excited for all of you and pray for you daily.

Cincinnati, OH

Lori said...

Those pictures are AMAZING!

I'm excited to hear what's brewing. Hmmmm.

To vs. Too...there are TWO ways to use TOO. Think of too as using in place of ALSO. Example: "I am going to the store too (also)." AND think of it as an abundance of something. "We have too much snow." "It's too bad it isn't spring yet." Got it?

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oi me too- waiting- NOT A FAN!!! I think this is God's chuckles on me....

PRAYING with you and for you. May HE guide you in those decisions. :)

Karin said...

Love those hard to wrap my mind around them as I watch all the snow pics on TV. :) I love hearing all about your homeschool plans and your sweet, growing family.

Sally-Girl! said...

Count me in TOO for not being a fan of waiting!! I also think it is TOO much fun to follow all your adventures! I am sure that God will lead you TO the place where you belong especially with the next TWO coming TOO!!!

TO know you is TO love you!!!

Jodi said...

Love the beach photos and I love seeing children running having fun without a care in the world. There are just too many kids who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders!
Praying for y'all as you search His desire and wait on Him to reveal His newest adventure to y'all!

Rebekah said...

Would love to hear you talk about your curriculum. We homeschool too, and I love to hear how families are making different curriculum/approaches work for their own family.

I also can't wait to hear what is brewing. . .;0)

trina said...

Jean, oh my, just 11 days 'til Article 5. I'm not sure where I've been...but I so apologize for not getting to know your sweet family. Alexis and i were putting them in birth order and figuring out who came home first. Precious. And the two little ones you are going to get..oh my. Adorable.
Can't wait to find out what you are praying about..hmmm. And curious about your new curriculum.
We finally found one we love a few years ago...but took us awhile to figure it out. It's about this time of year, every year that I start thinking....hmmmm..."Should I sign them up for school next year?" haha

Susan A said...

Imagine "too" has double letter o's, meaning that the o's come together, or double the effect, like, "I'll come with you too..." or "she's too tired..."

With your blog title, it's "What have we been up to" because the "to" is not stressed nor is it coming with something else.

Hope that helps? :) I hope I haven't confused you lol.

I will pray for His peace, and wisdom in the decision, something that you know will put a smile on His face :)

Jennifer said...

Ahhhh...your beach pictures make me want to pick up and get away from this frigid land and soak up some SUN! :)
Praying with you for whatever is on your heart. :)

Cari said...

Beautiful pictures! What an loving and kind heart you have and may God bless you for your willingness to serve Him in whatever that adventure may be. I'm trying to have the perspective, but our last adoption really through me & my husband for a loop...just with learning how to live with an adopted older child that is VERY stubborn and scared. I'm not a fan of the challenges, but I know those will lead to the joys down the road.

Anita said...

Those beach pictures are perfect to warm me up looking out my window at all our blizzard snow still sitting here! ;) Can't complain though as it's been our first snow of the winter...just LOTS of it! LOL!!

Now you got me wondering my friend what needs you are thinking about. Hmmm.....anything to do with your post on my blog? HA! What a blessing you are to so many as you step out in faith to your children and how wonderful the Lord has blessed your family in such wonderful days to do so. HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Love hearing about your family , have just started following. Our family has three daughters adopted , after raising four children . We also homeschool and love it but it is always this time of year I start to wonder about next year .. maybe it is all the cold and snow just gettting to us . Haven't seen grass since Christmas day , ha ha !