Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Birthday Girl!

Today was Sarah's birthday! She has been talking about it for months and counting down the days!!
It began with us going to a pancake breakfast for our local girls soccer team.

Our friend Kelsey brought out pancakes with candles in them! The whole soccer team sand Happy Birthday to her!

Kelsey Is Karen's daughter. Karen will watch the kids while we are in China! All of our girls love them- they are like family!

Then we ran a few China errands and got balloons!

In the afternoon we where off to a multi cultural adoption celebration through CHSFS- the agency that we used for the four girls!

We ran  into a group of friends that we traveled with when we brought anna home. I didn't get a pic because Anna was feeling shy but it was so fun to see them and their beautiful children!

In the evening we all went out to dinner at Sarah's favorite restaurant!

We all had a wonderful time!

I can't believe Sarah is already 11 yrs old. The time has gone too fast.
She is an incredible daughter!
Such a blessing!

She is a wonderful big sister! She enjoys helping around the house! She is patient and kind ti her younger sibs and adores the older sibs!

I think she had a wonderful day today!

Emma and Ellie can hardly wait until their b-day. It was during our flight home from China last July and they had no clue what was going on.

She loved her presents! Earings, am. girl doll clothes, an outfit and a scooter!

And a watch from Katie!
Anntie Barb gave her a gift card to Claires! They plan to go shopping together and out for lunch!

Happy 11th Birthday sweet girl!

How did God know that you would be a perfect fit for our family!
You have brought us so much joy!

We love you so much!

Who knew that only 11 candles would cause that much smoke!

We hope you had a fantastic Birthday!


Susan A said...

Happy birthday, Sarah!! :)

I loved the wrapping paper, beautiful colors and the birthday cake too... loved the design! :)

So glad that you all had a great time.

TanyaLea said...

Happy 11th Birthday, beautiful Sarah!! Glad you had such a fun day!

We were hoping to attend the CHSFS celebration today, but Dawson had his final basketball tourney of the season, so we had to pass this year. I just knew you'd be there though, so it was another reason I was hoping to go!! ;)

Been thinking of you so much with your upcoming travels. All the computer troubles have kept me from getting to check in on you regularly, but you've remained in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to meeting your new additions when you return home! Sending love and hugs your way!

Blessings! <><
~ Tanya

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to Sarah! Yesterday was Brenden's birthday too!

I love all the pics!!

So fun!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Sounds like it was the perfect day!

Nancy said...

Happy 11th birthday Sarah! You are a bright and kind wonderful young lady! Have a GREAT year!
Nancy, Doug, Rose and Lily

Sally-Girl! said...

Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest girls I know especially since she thinks we are family!!!

Your cake was beautiful! Don't show my kids what a cake is supposed to look like!!!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy 11th Birthday, Sweet Sarah! You are so lovely and your outer beauty is the same as your inner beauty!
I love all of the photos, but I was moved by the one with Emma's hand on Sarah's shoulder. She really had a look of love and admiration for her big sister.
You guys are doing an awesome job with ALL of your children, but the changes In E & E are incredible! I just KNOW that they are going to be intelligent young women, who will go far in life!
Love to All! Jo

Difference2This1 said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!! Blessings, Jennifer

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!! Looks like a perfect birthday celebration!
May this year bring even more blessings than last year!

Sammie said...

We celebrated my Chinese adopted son's 12th birthday this weekend. He was adopted at 5 through CHSFS. He was abandoned at age 3 (estimated age) outside the orphanage On March 7th. They made that his birthday. Then exactly two years later the day I adopted him... March 7th. something about that day, the best and worst things happened to him. He is deaf and also turned out to have brain damage, that has caused him to have severe behavior issues. Its taken a long time but I can finally see some hope....its been very, very hard for me and his older brother who also have issues from coming from an abusive orphanage. As a single Mom there have been many days where I thought I could not do this, but so far I have, and we are now doing so much better.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your precious girl.

trina said...

Sarah, Happy Birthday!! You are such a beautiful young lady. Wow, 11 years old!! I love your cake and i bet it was tasty. :)

Dr. D @ Curls and Twirls said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah. Beautiful cake! :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!
Our Abigail is 11 too- great age :)

Karin said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! We have a March 5 birthday at our house, too. :) She is such a sweet blessing. Oh...and that's GORGEOUS! Wow!

Janet and Kevin said...

Hope your day was happy Sarah. Looks like you had lots of family fun time!

janet and gang

Sue said...

Happy birthday Sarah. What a great birthday day. You are a sweet and wonderful person inside and out.

Tesseraemum said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!
Your family so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and sister!

Sophie said...

Happy 11th birthday sweet Sarah!

Laura L. said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I can hardly believe she is 11. She looks beautiful in her photos. Please tell her that Jadyn and I say Happy Birthday!