Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy and Wonderful!

This weekend was crazy and wonderful at the same time! We are trying to pack, get the house and the schedule ready and get all the paperwork. Johnny has two out of town soccer tournaments and spring break during the time we are gone. Everything needs to be worked out ahead of time- we will be for the most part unavailable.

This weekend he had an end of the season Basketball tourney- they won the championship!! 

Mark came home for part of his spring break and we celebrated Billy's b-day!

Anna only left her jammies in time for dinner!

WE picked up the VAN! I think we will name he Vanna (White ;-). After all she is a saVanna!
We are going to love it! It will allow us to bring home more children and ride comfortably!! My heart has changed to being grateful! The kids are very excited and we already have Ava and Sam's carseat in there!!

When we got to the dealership- Hubby looked at the van in front of ours and said "Oh Honey, they added some green paint to it and now they are selling sandwiches from it! Ha- very funny!!

Everybody is starting to get used to the idea that SHE is OURS!

On Sunday evening we celebrated Billy's B-day. It's on Tuesday but that is much too close to the big travel day for me- so we got together on the weekend instead while Mark was home!

The girls are always so thrilled to see Mark! He is a novelty since he is at college and rarely gets home.
He is such a kid at heart but after awhile they wear him down!

It is so heartwarming to have the kids home! We were missing big bro Matt and Caitlin. Wish they could have been here but they are on Colorado.

We all sat in the porch and chatted and played! It's our favorite gathering place!
It's so nice to have this time before we leave for China!

Happy 23rd Birthday Billy! 
We love you!!

The weekend was wonderful but crazy busy!
I wouldn't have changed a thing!
Thank you Jesus!


Laura L. said...

Yay! Family together is the best. Fun times! Love the photo of Mark and the girls with the purple umbrella. LOL!
Well congratulations on Vanna the van. Could I come over and just take in a bit of that new van smell? :)

Loved what you said in your comment to me about Sam and his buddy Evan. Sweet! It's a neat thing to think about.

Hugs to you sweet girl!

Lori said...

I love, love, love having the big kids around! It's the best, isn't it!? Looks like you guys had a super time!

And Vanna...oh my word, she's a BEAUTY!! And I LOVE your cleaverness in naming her. So funny! And the sandwich comment from Jim, HILARIOUS! That could always be an option for you, should times get tough. LOL

Love you! So excited that you are leaving SOON!!!!

Sophie said...

Now that looks like a fun ride!!

Looks like lots of family fun


Janet and Kevin said...

Can't believe it is almost time for you to travel to China! Oh my, are you beside yourself with excitement, nervousness, joy, etc?!!

So nice that you had that sweet family time before you bring home two more treasures to share in those precious times. So happy for you all.

janet and gang

Shonni said...

It is so soon for ya’ll and I am so happy for you!!! Thank you for sharing your family story with us!!!

Adeye said...

Yayeeeee....sweet family times. I love it. Gosh, your children are ALL so beautiful, friend.

bstheis said...

I will be praying for you all as you journey to your new children! I can't wait until we are doing the same thing:) BTW we bought the same van only in red (not my choice) we call it Clifford:) Take care and God bless you all

Wife of the Pres. said...

OK, I still can't get over the fact you are going BACK to China. As my DH says, "GREAT FOR YOU!" ;) Seriously, I don't know how you do it but I am so thankful you do! Ava and Sam are almost home! And you are almost the Mommy to TWO MORE BLESSINGS!

I have to say I have a Savanna too! We call her Big Belly Girl as she likes a lot of GAS LOL! And she is big too. Mine is almost the same, white too, but I have a diesel that will pull our travel trailer that officially sleeps 10 but is just about full (maybe room for one more).

I can't wait to follow your journey to Sam and Ava!!! Prayers friend! Godspeed!

Wife of the Pres. said...

P.S. I have signed up to advertise on our van but no offers yet. It can garner $500/month so I'm game. My crazy sister asked me if I'd advertise fem*i*nine products (of the sanitary variety) and I said definitely if I got paid $500/month. She said she would NEVER be seen my van if I did it. Guess she'd just have to drive separate then LOL!

I do miss many of my Grand Caravan's bells and whistles, but we have plenty of extra room in our Big Belly Girl! :)))

Karin said...

Oh too funny about the sandwich comment from your hubby!!! That is hilarious! :)

Um...Leslie might want to rethink the feminine products ads on her van with her boys getting a bit older. :)hehe

Your van looks really nice inside! Some of the ones we've looked at were so awful inside--they looked like commercial trucks. You give me hope. haha