Saturday, March 12, 2011

Families Traveling to China!?!

Do you know of anyone that is in China now or will be traveling soon? I'd love to list blogs of traveling families on my sidebar!

I hope to meet some bloggy friends while we are there!

Please leave the name of the blog in the comment section and I will post the list!

Thank you!!


Laura said...

hi jean,
we will be there shortly after you to get the girls. but, i'm too busy for a blog!We hope to leave on the 25th of march. but...still waiting on a ta that should have been here by now!
praying for you when I think of you.
press on!
laura jones

julie dinolfo said...

Jean-we will be in China from Mar 23 -Apr 6 staying at Victory hotel. We'll be journaling on (Sydney). Hope to meet you!


Jenny said...

Hi! Jean I left a comment on your other post. We will be there the same time as you are, but we will be in Guangzhou the whole time. Here's my blog, I'm not quite the blogger you are but I do plan on trying to keep it updated!

Rebekah said...

We are finally getting our 2nd Article 5 tomorrow! Yea!!! It has felt so long and drawn out. So we have a few weeks, but I am so glad to be this close!

Mammy said...

Leaving on the 17th with daughter's family to bring home Lilly in Wuhan. Staying at Marriott China Hotel in Guangzhou.

Hope to see you in China

Sherry said...

We are leaving Friday 3/18 to get our 9 year old daughter from GHZ. We will be at the Victory through 4/1, with our CA being 3/29. We'll be looking for you. Safe travels!

Sherry Semlow

Ann said...

We were there when you were. I actually saw you in the WS but couldn't place you--then remembered you are Sally's friend! Came home, found your blog, and sayin' Hello!!! Our newest one is doing SUPER!!! Hope you are doing well too! So sorry we didn't connect while there--maybe next time LOL!