Friday, March 4, 2011

It is what it is...

We had our big appointment today. The one with the neuropsychologist. The one we have been waiting for- the appointment that was to going to give us all the answers.

For a moment I wondered if I really wanted to know all the answers- sometimes maybe, it's good to live with possibilities not answers.

The Dr. was excellent. Both girls were tested, it was pretty painless (they were glad there were no shots)!

There was no rocket science diagnosis, no quick fix and nothing that was completely shocking.

Basically the girls currently have low IQs and language delays. As we know IQs can change and language can be learned! It is most likely due to their previous environmental issues - malnutrition, neglect and no prenatal care.

So, now that we have this information what do we do?
Exactly what we have been doing. The girls are making forward progress in everything- so keep doing it. 
They have been home 8 months. Give them more time to learn the necessary skills. 

We both feel comfortable that the girls will improve when we return to the Doctor 6 months from now.

Our plan-
We will check into the school district for next year regarding special services BUT we will not stop homeschooling. We believe they are way better off with homeschooling. We may do a few hours a day of special services- maybe or maybe not, we will see? 

We have two beautiful daughters that love having a forever family, they love to be loved and valued, they love to learn even if it is at a slower pace, they are happy and always skipping around the house.
We are blessed to have them in our family! They are a precious gift from God!! We are so thankful they are ours!

This has been a journey that I never expected to be on. This is one journey that was planned by HIM! God is calling the shots and we go where he leads us! Wonder where he is going to take us next!?!


Adeye said...

Goodness,but do I understand the journey :)

Angie said...

Amen! Your attitude is just right...your family is just as God created it and the girls will reach the goals God intended for them.

Susan A said...

beautiful post, thank you for sharing :)

David and Janet Hurley said...

We just heard from our geneticist today, saying Avery needs this test. What exactly do they do?
I was wondering if it will really tell us anything.
They are all perfect! =) just how God made them.

Sarah said...

I so love your attitude and gratefulness to the Lord! Your daughters are wonderful blessings.

Acceptance with Joy said...

We are on the same journey with the twins. They have low IQ... result of the environment they came from, and lack of good care. We are homeschooling using services at the school.

God bless you as you forge ahead. The Lord will bless.

Sally-Girl! said...

We are in this together my friend!!! Although I knowingly went into it so it was not something to be determined later. I love your grace and thankfulness and mostly your TRUST in our heavenly Father.

It is one thing to trust Him when things are going the way we planned and a totally different thing to trust Him when it's according to His!!!

Love you mucho!!!

Lynne said...

Dearest Jean: Your post is so full of love. Ellie and Emma are so blessed to be with you. They are exactly where God wanted them to be, in the best family ever. Just in these two pictures alone I can see how much the girls have changed and grown. Their beautiful faces are so full of love, contentment, and happiness....they are Home. It melts my heart to see how far they have come. They have an Angel for their Mommie. :))

Holly said...

That is great news! God has a wonderful plan for those precious girls. : )

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Amen!!! Praying as they progress.....with their FAMILY! :) I think as a homeschooling family sometimes we are sooo hard on ourselves...forgetting that they are doing soo much more than we realize :)

Lori said...

Sounds like you are right on track with what the girls need! You will most definitely see great strides as you keep plugging away every day.

They are right where God wants them to in their forever family, full of love and much joy!

Difference2This1 said...

We are exactly one day ahead of you after such a long wait to get into a pediatric magic cures, no quick fixes. I didn't expect any; but I did have hope. Lots and lots of work and other doctors recommended IF she has what this doctor thinks is possible. Sigh. Now we just "keep on keeping on" I guess and decide which, if any, of the variety of directions we will take. We all just have to take it one day at a time and keep on trusting He will lead us in the right diretion, right? Blessings, Jennifer

Sophie said...

I think your plan to homeschool and receive outside services sounds great. No one knows your children more than you.

Shonni said...

You are always so encouraging to me, especially as we are bringing home our two from China who will probably have similar things.
Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Slow and steady wins the race. We had one who tested low average IQ but high average in schoolwork. Go figure? Homeschooling will allow them to be all they can be as they learn how to learn. What an inspiration you are as you share your open mind to doing whatever is going to be best for your kids. The journey truly is planned by HIM.

What an adventure!!!

TanyaLea said...

...and they are SO blessed to have you, as well! I see the joy in their eyes and the security they have in your family, and there is no greater gift than that unconditional love. They are both beautiful and precious, and I look forward to watching them blossom with more time. God hand-picked them for your family, and they are just where they need to be.

It is SUCH a journey... but one filled with so many priceless blessings!

I love ya, Jean ...and I just LOVE that heart of your's!!

Blessings and Hugs,