Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last Post From Home... Maybe!

I have never downloaded a video- so I am hoping this works out okay! Ava is in the front row in a pink jacket! Oh my- I love that little girl!! Her smile is contagious! Be still my heart!

Okay- you guys are hysterical- Iam lovin the van comments!  

I would happily advertise feminine hygiene products on the van for $500/ month - the older kids already won't go near it and the younger kids have no clue ;-)

The van is growing on me, kinda... Once we have 6 it will grow on me even more!!

Are we ready to go to China???

NO! Hubby hasn't even started packing but no worries- he says he can pack in 2 hours! Yikes, I hope so!

My oh my, things have changed- we were ultra ready for Anna... very ready for Sarah... ready for Emma and Ellie... ahhhhh, we'll be just fine this time! Ready?? When we leave for the airport we will be ready or not!!

The dog- Mia... has decided to eat some non edible item and throw up every hour. We're takin her in to the vet tomorrow morning, (since we have so much extra time on our hands... not)!

Johnny feels like he needs to take Vanna to school- as in carpool with umteen kids! Kinda like the clowns endlessly leaving the  VW beetle! I'm thinking I have perfectly installed all carseats and we should leave her as is... I am guessing I'm gonna lose this one!

Daylight savings time has not worked well for us- I was all excited to gain an hour until I found out we don't gain an hour- we lose one! Oh my I'm guessing I will not do well with gaining... how many hours... 13... or are we losing 13 hours?! Yikes, either way!

Hubby and I have started a new thing- instead of a written list of thing to do! I just endlessly call him and leave messages of items to add to the list!! We'll see if it works! ;-)

Okay- off to bed- tomorrow is a new day... the last full day and we have to be ready!!

Thank you for your prayers!! They are so appreciated!!
I will be blogging on my blog while in China. It may not work as well as hoped from the province capital but we will try!! Can't wait!! Anna says she will be a big sister to Ava and Sam... ahhh,  no Ava is older than you honey BUT you can help her learn English! Whatever!

I was not able to organize travel blogs this time. I am so sorry- just doin our best with all there is to do! Excited to meet some new families in China!! WooHooo!
Thank you Jesus!!


Susan A said...

Have a safe trip!! and praying that everything goes smoothly :)

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness she is so adorable!!! Makes my heart long even more to bring our sweetie home.
We still have a couple of months to go!
You are in my prayers!

Pam said...

So much to do! Praying for safe travels and smooth adjustments!

About the big van.....Bill says he will drive ours with Emily and all her friends and prom dates to prom next month! It'll be jike a limo, he says! So far, the response has not been positive! :)

The Heald Family said...

praying for you - all the way to China and back!

David said...

Jean, You are doing a wonderful job! I appreciate just being able to catch a glimpse of what you are doing on your blog. Wishing you and your entire family a safe journey! You are an amazing woman and have an incredible family! I will be sending you lots of prayers!!

connie said...

I'm so excited you're going to be holding your babes soon! Packed or not - ah, who cares! Blessings, Friend!

Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

I'll be following your journey of Love with bated breath!! Please let us know everyday how things are going!!
God Bless You!!
Many prayers headed your way!

Miss Lila

ps The video didn't come through on my end! :-(

Tesseraemum said...

Love IT!! Be sure to follow Johnny to school and take pics of the clowns exiting the vehicle! You will need the pics later!! HA!!

If you find out where to hook up with a company to advertise on your van let me know! I have been trying to find who does that!! Feminine hygeine or not!! My husband's reasoning is kids are an 18 year psych experiment...if they are going to need counseling because of us we may as well make it worth while!!

Our prayers are with you as you travel!!

Nancy said...

Have a safe trip Jean and family! Looking forward to welcoming your newest little ones into the playgroup!

Sally-Girl! said...

I will be with you all the way to China and back my dear friend, just an email away!!! Love you much!

Sarah said...

oohhh...I am SO excited for you! Can't wait to "meet" your kiddos with you~!

Melissa said...

So exciting. Praying for you as you travel.

Angela said...

I felt the same way when we went 2 months ago. I kept reminding myself "just remember all the paperwork," anything else that made it in the bags were considered icing on the cake. Have a wonderful trip!

Becky said...

Our best wishes go with you on your trip! So excited for you to be united with your new little ones! Have a wonderful trip. Becky McKenzie

Deb, Russ, Lily, Lucy and Lainey said...

Our prayers are with you. Cannot wait to see your 2 new little ones with their family. You have a wonderful trip and we will be following your journey. Your family is amazing!! and you are a HOOT!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

Jennifer said...

As long as you got that passport...well maybe some paperwork and a toothbrush. Other than that, just get on the plane! Seriously, traveling mercies for all of you. Thanks for sharing your journey.


Jo's Corner said...

Oh Jean, I am so happy for you! I will keep you in my Prayers every day. I'll also be Praying for your girls at home. That they will have Peace in their hearts and not miss you too much. And, for Ava and Sam. I can't wait to "meet" them! Sending you a big Hug filled with Joy! May He Bless you in ways unimaginable, as you travel to bring home your babies! Love ~ Jo

Family said...

Let the trip begin! Wohoooo!