Friday, March 11, 2011

No Guarantees!

As we prepare to bring Sam and Ava home I am reminded of the fact that these two children do not know each other... at all!

Last time we adopted two that knew each other very well- bio sibs. We were shocked at how they easily pushed each other aside for love and attention. All blood ties went out the window in order to obtain a premier spot in their new family. 

It was sad. At the same time neither could stand it if the other was hurting... It was a conglomeration of emotions intertwined and very tangled...

What will we see this time as we greet 2 children that could care less about each other?
I really don't know what to expect but my mind is continuously thinking of the different scenarios that could become our reality.

To us it is perfect! Two darling children wanting and needing a family! two parents passionate about the children, eager to welcome more into our home!

Why would I think it would go smoothly? Why would we even dream that they may remotely like each other? Why would I ever think they will even understand what exactly is going on? Two kids? Are these new parents going to choose between us??

Children in China know at a young age that boys are preferred and yet our Sam has not had an easy life.  Boys with disabilities are the lowest of the low. Chances of us even knowing his current health status are slim. We have not been able to get an update on him for quite awhile. 

Ava is in a small foster/orphanage setting. We believe she has been moved round quite a bit but have recently heard she is happy with her latest home.

There is going to be a plethora of feelings! Initially and throughout our time in China.

There are a few things we know-
Two adorable children are about to get a family!
They need a family, a future, love, health care and healthy food!
They need to be free to be children and to get an education!
They need to know their Savior- Jesus!

So despite the challenges that are ahead- 
Through God's blessings we can give them what they need and we can show they what it means to have a family, to have love and to have faith!

Please pray for them, for us, for the challenges and uncertainties that are ahead of all of us.
Please pray that God's presence will be evident and felt.
That we will feel his comfort in times of stress and need.
That we will walk with Him every step of the way!
Please pray for our sweet new children as this will be one of the most stressful things they have ever been through- after all who on earth are these crazy lookin people (us)!
(Sarah, Emma and Ellie still talk about it- let's face it- we are scary to orphans from China!)

Their are no guarantees in life and certainly none in adoption. We deeply thank you for your prayers. We know our heavenly Father will hear them and help our sweet children as they begin a journey like no other.

Praying that you two can like and accept each other and in time will learn to love one another!

(this is a younger pics of Sam)


Holly said...

You know I will be praying!! Both of these new treasures of yours have a special place in my heart for different reasons :)

Sophie said...

Praying for an easy transition for the children as well as yourselves.

From the Erben Gang..... said...

Jean-your are in my thoughts daily-think I check your site a couple times a day lately--so exciting!!
You know you and Jim will be in our thoughts and prayers during your travels to get your two new little munchkins-can't wait to see them in your arms and the progress/transformation that they will make over the next few months. Love is such a powerful thing. Your girls have come so far. Can't wait. Keep the posts coming.

Angie said...

Lots of prayers coming your way, friend!!!

Jenny said...

Jean, I have been following your blog for awhile now. We live in FL, and will be traveling to China to adopt our 2nd daughter(7yrs)on
the 17th. We will be in Guangzhou the whole time. I hope we can meet you there. We also have grown children. Our first daughter had a colostomy 3 weeks after we got home, it was reversed and she is doing well now! We will definitely
keep you in our prayers!

Sally-Girl! said...

Your prayers are my prayers friend!!!

Still smiling from our call last night!

Love you to pieces and your plethora of children!

Difference2This1 said...

Which is why that gov't issue white van will be so handy; in case you need that buffer row as they are "are learning to love one another". Just make sure to remove all shoes, stow heavy items, and place all tray tables in their upright position before take-off. Did you get the optional plastic partition? It would be really handy if you get a "spitter". Raegan broke us in on this (she could spit from the row behind the driver onto the dashboard). As we prepare to bring home another spitter (Peter) who's aim is even better then hers, I wish we would have gotten the optional prison grade plastic partition. Bummer. That only came in the prison-blue models around here.

Blessings, Jennifer

Jennifer said...

Praying for your transitions in the coming weeks and days. So exciting that it is NEXT week. These children will know the love of mama and baba very soon. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Janet and Kevin said...

Praying here sweet friend.

janet and gang

Susie said...

If you get faint of heart while in China, read this post to remember what really matters! :). Also, remember that you are traveling during Lent, but after the time of trial ( if it is one) there comes Easter! We were in Guangxi together, and i feel sure that Emma and Ellie have prepared you through that experience for whatever is to come! And you always looked so calm under pressure. You all are in our prayers!

Melissa said...

I read your blog and I will be praying for you. You have a wonderful family.

Tracy said...

Just wanted you to know that you can count on me for prayers! I will be watching intently. Cant wait to meet your two new treasures. : )

Angie said...

We brought home two little girls in Sept. from 2 different provinces. They are 13 months apart in age, and have a real bond from being together in China and going through this together. It is never easy but they already have an unexplainable closeness. Also we have a girl and boy both from China, came home sperately but they are only 12 months a part and they are truly BEST friends. They are very caring and good to the "little kids" as our daughter states. So I pray the two you are bringing home now and the ones you have already brought home as well as your older five will have their hearts knit together by the hands of Jesus. I have seen it with my four from China and my three young adult daughters.