Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What do ya think?

I think they will love them! The boys shoes light up! The girls sparkle day and night!

I am so excited for these two pairs of shoes to be filled!!

Oh my, am I busy!
I am running around like a crazy woman trying to get things done! I went to pack Ava and Sam and they didn't have enough clothes for even the time in China! Back to the store I go!

I may have already said this but Hubby, Sarah and I will be traveling. Emma, Ellie and Anna (and Johnny) will be staying at home with a friend/ sitter. They know Karen very well and love her. We anticipate things going pretty smoothly- other than everyone missing each other. I am sure we will have challenges as we transition back home with two new little ones.

No more matching clothes! Well maybe a little BUT very little! Just can't get myself that organized or spend the money! We are getting to the point where we are happy if we have gotten out of our jammies and into our clothes for the day, let alone matching. 

Sarah is all packed. ME? you ask? that is a process! Hubby says he can be packed in less than two hours... I just want to know, how do they do that?

Over a month ago we thought we had the rooms all figured out. All the kids would sleep in one room and we would have another room designated as the boys room. But then we got side tracked- we wanted to move to a home and a yard that fit this family of ours. After a few declined offers we decided it just wasn't meant to be and we are once again clamoring to get the rooms done! It is a little this and that and that and this right now- I have some painting to get done like yesterday but hopefully they will look better soon!

Wish I could show you a finished room right now BUT I can't! Next week- hopefully!


Sue said...

It will all come together, and everyone will do well...Can't wait to see the finished off room.

Janet and Kevin said...

We, too, are not taking everyone when we return. Too expensive and our Eli is just not travel-worthy at all! It will be so difficult saying good-bye to him before we leave, but we know it is in his best interest even though he will be sad. His big brother or his daddy will be home with him and Philip will go, like your Sarah. They are such a big help, aren't they?!!

Getting excited for you as you will soon travel. Our friends will be in China within the next day! So excited for them I can hardly think of anything else!!

Janet and gang

Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

I am soooo EXCITED for you!! I know you will be very busy in the next few weeks but please keep us in the know!! I love your blog and check it 4 or 5 times a day!! You are living the life I wish I could. I want to adopt so badly but hubby and I are in our late
60's and don't qualify because of that!
You and your family are in my daily and nightly prayers.
God Bless You!
Miss Lila

Wright Family said...

okay, you Are wonderwoman...Four adoptions in a year, homeschooling and Now You Mention- 'trying to buy /sell/redecorate a house on the side'...that is definitely enough to make a person crazy...I think you need a vacation..why don't you get away to China and bring home two kids (and don't forget to learn how to change that bag before you go)...I am ROTFL...this must be what it means by "living life more abundantly".....can't wait to follow your trip...wish We were meeting you there....Catherine

Annie said...

So glad you are so close!!!! I love the shoes and cannot wait to see them filled too!! Love the comment on my blog, BTW!! You can brag about those wonderful kids of yours anytime!!! LOL! Thank you for putting my "Matthew" on your side bar!!! I have been advocating for him for SO long!! Do you know if he is on the shared list or is he still exclusive on CHSFS's lsit??? I pray he finds his family! He is SO cute!

Laura L. said...

I had wondered who would be traveling this time. I think it sounds good, that you will be taking Sarah. She is such a sweet girl, and I know she will be a wonderful help to you.

I had no idea you were thinking of moving. Oh my. I'm kind of glad you haven't yet. I think it's good for Ellie and Emma to continue where they are, having what's familiar, and oh wow, I think that would have been so much on your plate to handle. Some things aren't really in God's timing I think. Maybe it wasn't the right time.

If you need someone to come and sit with the girls while you go out to do your errands, I am available. You just say the word.

trina said...

Love the shoes!! Perfect. Won't be long 'til they will get to wear them. trina