Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feeling Thankful!

We had a few doctor appointments today for Ava and Sam! They went well!

The specialist saw Sam and he will be having tests starting on Thursday and then again in two weeks- Echo Cardiogram, MRI, Ultrasound and Contrast. They THINK there is a good chance he can be easily "fixed" BUT it is a bit premature to say that now.

We will still check out our options and have it done where they can best serve him but it would be nice to have it done locally if possible, especially with the having the other kiddos at home.

The appointment was very encouraging!

It made me teary- tears of joy to hear what the DR had to say!

These kids deserve a break. It feels so good when they finally get one!!

What on earth are we doing to this poor boy! A pink umbrella and a pink fuzzy backpack!

Ava's appt went well, too! It just feels so good to care for them. To get them going on the right track!

God was so evident today!

I'm feeling so so thankful!


Sarah said...

I'm so thankful that these two beautiful children are in your family now!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

YEAH! Encouraging news :)

The Heald Family said...

at least it's not pink a tutu:)
love seeing the kids doing well!

Sally-Girl! said...

Trust me, I vote local if you can do it with competent doctors!!!!! but I am biased right now!!!!

What great news though to hear!!! I want some great news for my boy too!!!

Thankful for you my friend!!!!

And we do have pictures of Bryson in a tutu his first few weeks at home!

Lori said...

Poor Sally!

I agree...go for local if possible!!

So wonderful that the doctors' appointments were so encouraging. YAY!!!

And that poor boy will go through a plethora of various outfits before long, I have a feeling!!

Faye Verquer said...

That is AWESOME news...however Im going to be shelfish and say I wish you could come to Cincinnati too...I was looking forward to meeting your great family!!! BUT Very very excited and praising HIM for this wonderful news.


Shonni said...

You are such a precious mother...I hope that you know that!!!

Cari said...

What great medical news for Sam. He is so adorable!

Holly said...

Hooray for good news!! God is so good. : )

TanyaLea said...

PTL for good news!! It IS encouraging and I look forward to future praise reports!

Indeed, God is good! <><


Janet and Kevin said...

So glad you got good news today! What a joy your family is!

janet and gang

Dr. D @ Curls and Twirls said...

Giving thanks for your great news. :)

David and Janet Hurley said...

Great hopeful news. The boy toys will come with time. Our 2 boys, adopted last year, came into a home with lots of girl toys, and even a giant hot pink rug in the playroom. They do not care one bit=)

Mandi said...

So glad to hear their appointments went well. I LOVE the picture of Sam holding the umbrella over the dog's heads. Too cute!