Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Day Home in Pics!

Once we arrived home the children wanted to show Sam and Ava their new home!
The kids flitted from one room to the next and then finally landed on the playroom!  We were all so thrilled to be home and back together again!

Johnny was as excited as everyone else! The new sibs have been great but a little bro is a dream come true for him!
They connected right away! It happened in the airport as Sam naturally turned his American flag into a sword and they had a sword fight! 

Ava loved the playroom too and all the toys! It didn't take long for all the kids to "click" and play!

Sam is calling Johnny Ge Ge- which is big brother in Chinese. Yes Johnny needs a haircut but I've been gone for 2 weeks and he decide to wait until I got home... so I could make the appointment ;-)
We going to start on Laundry 101 soon then it's calling and making you own appt. 101. he is just mastering bringing his laundry to the laundry room! He has one more year at home and then it's off to college. Oh my are we going to miss him. Makes me sad just to think about it.

Ava settled on a doll with long hair and got a comb right away! She has also found the high heals and loves them!

Sam found the car and took it for a spin!

They love the dogs and visit them often in the mudroom throughout the day! The dogs are thrilled to have more attention!!

Dominos delivers for lunch! We are way to big for the counter now- but the tables works! One problem Sam you need to actually sit at it. he was too excited to be still so he was up and down and all around! He went to visit the doggies a couple times during lunch ;-) I'm sure they gave his hands a good washing ;-0

We decided not to worry about it this time ;-) We never actually saw it happen... just an assumption! One we decided to make as jet lag set in! 

Anna and Sam are thrilled with each other!! They are about the same size and are quite cute together!

The first day went great! Ava, Sam and Sarah took a late nap and then had a late dinner. All the kids stayed up later than usual but we are in survival mode and just do what we need to do! 
That all slept until 6:30 am- so that was good!!

Johnny had to leave for a soccer tournament. He is passionate about soccer but he really didn't want to leave us. He will be home Sunday!


David and Janet Hurley said...

I am so happy for you, that everyone is enjoying each other.
Love your big round table. What is the diameter????
We will have to buy one when we get home (and get a reimbursement check from DH's employer)...we don't all fit at the current table, and the rush chair seats are tearing after 12 years of wear.

Dr. D @ Curls and Twirls said...

Congrats Jean. Welcome home. Great photos. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here in "happy" tears as I look at the wonderful pictures, and read your words. I can't express how happy I am you are all home safe-n-sound, all together. Just fabulous !! All of the beautiful smiles, and the feeling of happiness I feel, completely melts my heart. I thank God for your beautiful family.

Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures Jean.
Also beautiful family!!!

You had me in tears today! They "look" like a family!

Thank you for sharing with us! Keep those awesome pics coming. They make my day. I check about 20 times a day for new ones! LOL

God Bless You All!
Miss Lila in Atlanta

Sarah said...

Oh, Jean, I am so happy that you are home with your two newest treasrues. I followed your journey and it sounds like Ava and Sam are adjusting beautifully. God is good!!


Shonni said...

I just love seeing their sweet faces home with their own family. It is God perfect.

Jennifer O'Cain said...

Jean , I am so happy for you and your family. I loved following along as you went to China and it thrills me to see you all at home and loving each other. You are your family are such an inspiration!

God Bless you and your family as you continue to find your new normal! So Fun!

Mary Kate said...

I love Happy Endings...And this is the happiest of endings...Congrats!!!


Mary Kate

Cari said...

These pics just make me smile! Beautiful family. You're doing a great job, Jean!! I think you have more energy with jet lag then I do on a normal

TanyaLea said...

oh Jean ~ this post just makes me SO happy to see!! And that big round table, surrounded by all those beautiful faces makes me even happier! I can't wait to meet your newest 'littles' in person!!

Welcome HOME!!!! Love you bunches!


Serving the King said...

Welcome home my friend!! They are so stinkin gorgeous!! Can't wait to watch them settle into your gorgeous family!

Janet and Kevin said...

Loved, loved, loved seeing the pictures of all of your littles together. And the pictures of Johnny with his new brother - priceless! So glad it is going well. Such a beautiful family.

Janet and gang

The Heald Family said...

so fun to see everyone together!
I love Johnny's smile:)
We went to hamilton's soccer game
and Daryl said he will miss going to games
when hamilton goes to college but that is
3 years away!
hope your body adjusts quickly:)

Susan A said...

I've been smiling throughout your post, loved seeing the children being happy together, it is a blessing! :)

Glad that you all are home safe :)

Jerry and Christy said...

So happy for you. I don't know how you have the energy to post anything. I had jet lag so bad last time we came home from China I could hardly think. So glad you were able to post because it is a blessing to see your family together.

Jodi said...

sooo happy to see y'all home!!!! Glad to hear everyone is clicking so nicely!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home little ones!!

Tesseraemum said...

Johnny looks so thrilled to have a brother!! By the looks of things he is going to have to be put in charge of running Sam ragged!!
I'm thinking Sam might also be a fine "date" companion for Johnny too.. Super cute, girls love that..busy so the dating duo don't have time to slip away!! Mom's love that!! Just Saying!! Sheri

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add this in my earlier post - WE want pictures of all of your beautiful kiddos in their new bedroom, by their beds. That would bed so stinkin' cute to see !! :))

Nicole A. said...

Welcome home! I had a great time reading your JTM entries and praying along for you all. So glad that you are all back and doing well. What a beautiful family! Did you just pinch yourself when you looked in the rear view mirror and saw all those precious faces finally all together and on their way HOME?! Yay! Praying for continued smooth transitions, some extra sleep, and another great beginning for your amazing family!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Annie said...

So glad you all are home and all is going so well!!!! What little sweethearts they are and everyone seems to be getting along so well! Praise God!

Anita said...

WOW Jean! It's hard to believe you JUST returned home with those sweethearts 'cuz they sure don't look like they just got home with those smiles! :) Praising the Lord with you for all of your blessings being under one roof (well sorta except for the older ones like us). Now for everyone to get "caught up" with sleep, huh?