Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Morning!

This is what we woke up to- yuck! Two inches of very
wet snow!

Although it was very pretty it's not what we want in mid April!

The good news is the grass is green underneath it!

There is also a wind chill which makes playing outside not so much fun! Looks like we will stay inside for awhile ;-(

Big Sis Kate spent the night at our house! You know that movie that we were supposed to watch together. That Mother /Daughter bonding time we were supposed to have- well, she fell asleep within the first five minutes of our chick flick!!

I lasted only an hour! Plan to watch the rest of it tonight! 


Lori said...

Snow?!! Oh my goodness. You should have come to see me! It's sunny and 70 here! It's glorious!

But actually...I'm a little jealous of your snow cause it will be 100 degrees before we know it. I hate that.

Ok, enjoy your kiddos!

Sally-Girl! said...

We are back in Philly trying to make the most of it! So Gracie, Bryson and I are going to have our own snuggle movie fest to Penguins of Madagascar. I know you are incredibly jealous at this point, but a girl has got to do what a girl has to do to stay sane in this situation.

So glad you are getting the time with Katie!!!

Chris said...

I can totally understand the need for peace and even a bit of quiet in a house full of little people all settling into a new kind of normal!
Don't beat yourself up for not traveling this weekend-we find our sane moments in the ability to say no when we really need to.
your children seem to be getting along great, and Ilove checking in on how the 2 newest are doing.

and we hated the snow too-and that horrid wind-feels like Dec tonight

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I think you need to move south :) he he he.....

Or at least come visit!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, I guess I don't feel so badly about the low 40 degree temps we are having here after seeing snow at your home! :)

janet and gang