Friday, April 8, 2011

Hanging On!

Taking it a moment at a time. We are doing well- except for the fact that I am under the weather and being the glue- it gets a little more challenging when I am not myself.

I will resurface when I'm feeling better. The kids are amazing and even though a few of them have colds they are still troopers. 

Sam and Ava are EASY- thank you Jesus! 

Sarah is not feeling well either but still rallies- to play or watch a movie. 

Anna insists she feels fine because the mere mention of the Dr and she runs and hides in fear.

Ellie does not like it when her mother does not feel well and wants to start taking care of me- it is so sweet. 

Emma is becoming more at peace with the changes that have occurred. 

They all call each other by their American names - Sam and Ava already call out for various sisters when they want them!

We are just making it through one moment at a time. Prayers for healing and good health would be so appreciated!!


Serving the King said...

Hang in there my friend! I too became sick right about the time we were getting off of the plane and I will never forget how all of my friends, real life and blog friends alike, rallied around me in support! It will be a whole new world once you feel better! One moment at a time is exactly what you need to hang on to and a movie or 4 with all the kiddos on the couch while you are sick will be ok! It will be ok! I was so frustrated with myself as my house fell apart and the laundry started piling up, and I thought I should be super woman and be doing Algebraic equations and such with them,.....can you tell I was functioning far from reality?! :) But we all survived! Feel better soon!

Lori said...

Oh, Jean!! I'm so sorry you are sick...on top of being jet-lagged. UGH...that's the worst!!

I'm so glad things are going well with the kids. What a blessing!

I'm praying for you right now, ok?!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - I'm so very sorry to hear this news. Please take good care of you, and everything will be "all better" real soon. I'm so thankful to hear all of the littles are adjusting and doing well. Sending lots of prayers and feel better wishes. Hang in there ! With Love, Lyne

Holly said...

Praying and rejoicing over all the praise reports!

Sue said...

So sorry you are still under the weather, but glad to hear things are going good, that always helps.
Hugs and prayers.

Jenny said...

Jean, So sorry to hear you arrived home sick. We both came home with head colds and have coughed and coughed. I have heard from several others in our travel group who also have the same thing so it must have been a virus or something being passed around. I'm
holding out for this weekend to be the hurdle over to feeling better as jetlag is supposed to let up and hopefully the colds will be gone! I'll keep you in my prayers.
We really enjoyed meeting you in China, maybe we can connect sometime when you come to Florida.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAYING for health!!!! It is hard enough to be a mommy when you are all healthy, but when you have new ones in the home, you don't feel well- SOOO HARD! PRAYING :)

Holly said...

I have a picture of that window guy outside our window in Zhenghou too!! So funny!

Praying for you that all get better soon. : )

Sarah said...

Praying for you!!

Karin said...

I'm so sorry you're still feeling lousy. Try to get some rest... Sometimes God forces rest upon us. :)

joeks said...

You have my prayers.

Adeye said...

Aahhh, so sorry you are feeling yucky, friend. hang in there and get well soon!

Rest! Yeah, right.....however that happens with a large family :):):)

Laura L. said...

Prayers for you. Get well soon!

Tracy said...

Praying that you get to feeling better very soon Jean! So glad that your little ones are doing so well and making it a litte easier on you while you are sick. : )

Lilly's Family said...

Hey Jean. I have looked at the 7 yr. old w blue lips on your sidebar for too long. Do you know if he has found a family. If not, who could I contact to inquire about him?