Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Anna!

We arrived home on the 1st and Anna's b-day was the next day. Before going to China we were much to busy to plan ahead. Thankfully, the dear Lord gave us the energy to whip something together! 

Anna was very happy that she actually had her birthday! After going to urgent care for my cold, wheezing, coughing, etc I headed to Target for her gifts! I knew one thing we wanted to get her and figured she would be fine with most anything else!!

Thank you Karen!! Anna loves her jewelry box!!

We made the prep for the birthday as part of the fun! She went and picked her cake out and her birthday balloons!

Ava is so good natured! She enjoyed every minute of it and didn't seem envious at all. (which is another post another time regarding some of the other kids)
We had lunch at McDonalds with a play area- it was great for getting out some of their extra energy since it was too cold and wet to play outside. Funny- because we did McDonalds 22 years ago for our oldest and it worked then, too!!

I was kind of thinking we could let the day slip by in a jet lag fog but Anna was not jet lagged and she knew what day it was!

We called up the big kids and 2 were in town and could come! (I'll show those pics next time as it was the first time they met Ava and Sam.)

She loves her wagon!! We had one but it broke and it was time for a new one!

She wanted salmon for dinner! We were thinking sloppy joes but this works!

It turned into a great day!! Anna was thrilled and said this was her best birthday ever! We are thankful we had the adrenaline going and it all fell into place!
I can't believe she is 5 yrs old! Once again time is going too fast!
Thank you Jesus!


Lori said...

Awwwww, what a sweet birthday girl!

And I have great admiration for your stamina for this since you are still in that jet-lag fog. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Coffee and naps, my friend.

Pam said...

Happy 5th birthday, Anna!!!!

Serving the King said...

Ok, that's it. You. Are. My. Hero. By day 3 at home I was a puddle of goo on the floor and there is no way I could have pulled that off. If I remember correctly I was still shuffling around in week old pajamas and mascara dripping down my face trying to figure out how to get my act together. You go girl! And a happy birthday to you sweet Anna!

Tesseraemum said...

Happy Birthday!! Anna! It looks like you had a fabulous princess party!!

Laura L. said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! It is hard to believe in a way, that she is 5. She's always been such a little one. :)She looks really cute in her photos.

Looks great to see all 6 of your China sweeties together.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Sweet Anna. Her birthday celebration is beautiful, and full of love and fun. As always - I just love the pictures......and your words too, of course !! :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE your new pics and your growing family!!!! I wasn't able to watch your progress while you were there- long story, no internet. CRAZY!

BUT- so glad to catch up. I think those back seats need some people in them :)!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Anna!!!

5th birthdays are hard for me...I think it is the whole turning into a child...not toddler anymore.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy 5th Birthday Anna. Looks like you had a great day!

janet and gang

Nancy said...

Happy 5th Birthday Anna! You look so happy enjoying your birthday! Have a great year!
The McIntyres

Sally-Girl! said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!! SOunds like you threw together a great party. Less is better remember and I am so proud that you turned prep work into part of the fun!!

Sophie said...

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday sweet Anna
happy birthday to you!!

Anita said...

Birthday 5 is SUCH a big one for our kids!! She is so beautiful, Jean. I'm amazed that you were out of jet fog long enough to think clearly and to get in the car, too! Oh I'm not sure what it'll be like when we arrive back home. Guess we'll soon find out!

Karin said...

So glad you are home and were able to pull off a birthday party! I am impressed! So funny about the 'shuttle bus.' :) Get some rest!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy Birthday, Princess Anna! Feel Better, Mama!

Jboo said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Have been thinking about you and keeping your family in my prayers. Hope you are enjoying some spring weather!