Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is This The Shuttle Bus?

Ahhhh, no... It's our family van!

When we were at the airport we were asked if we were the shuttle bus! We thought it was so funny!!

The all the kids fit in to Vanna and as you can see their are still 4 empty seats in the back!

Vanna also fits into the local car wash- we were so happy!! You go girl! We thought we would make it by an inch but it turned out to be 4 inches!! Woohooo!

Today was Anna's b-day- I'll show pic tomorrow of her celebration (which was thrown together last minute!).

Thank you to the person that bumped me up to 200! I was hovering at 199 for a long time! Feel free to add yourself in if you haven't already!


Lori said...

Oh my word, Jean...your posts are totally cracking me up!

I do believe that you now have an endless supply of blog material.


kippi said...

You go girl! I cannot believe your energy - must be God given. so great to see your kids home and having fun together. Love it that Johnny has a little brother - sure they are going to have tons of fun together!
God Bless you and I pray that He will continue to give you the strength that you need every day.

Sammy said...

Fun to see you guys back home! I couldn't blog after I got home for a weeks. You're great! The kids look so cute together. On a negative note, since I should know, get ready for the negative comments with your big family. Don't worry you learn to almost like it. LOL

Lynne said...

Oh my gosh, Jean - you absolutely crack me up !!! I want a transfusion of your energy and fun !!! I just love the picture.....a VANna full of love and beautiful smiling faces. It doesn't get any better than that ! Makes my heart soooooooo very happy !!! :))

quilt-n-mama said...

Oh, this made me smile:)
Glad you are safely home and looks like there are a lot of smiles to go around!

Karen said...

LOL about the shuttle bus:-) It is definitely a bus full of love. So glad you are home and starting to recuperate. Love the pics of your precious blessings!

Cari said...

your rear view looks just like mine as all of my six are 14 and under and can't drive yet. :)

Happy Birthday sweet Anna!

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness......looks like MY world!

Love it. You are sooooooo blessed, my friend.


Holly said...

I just caught up on the last few posts since you've been home. I have LOVED every minute of reading about your journey. Thank you so much for sharing with us, and I will be praying for a smooth transition into your new normal life. : )

Family said...

So awesome to follow your journey to and home with your kids. Wish I could have traveled with you! Thanks for sharing and making me smile:) BTW if Vanna ever needs a date we have Clifford -the big ran van:)

Becky said...

So happy to see you all home, happy and adjusting well. Enjoying your Vanna White pictures, as we drive one too. :-) Becky