Friday, April 29, 2011


With your ears, with your eyes and with your heart!

Sometimes I find I need to listen to the children more...

They speak to us in different ways. They often let their needs be known without words...

Sometimes it is through tears, through a whine or even distance.

It has been brought to my attention a couple different times that our Sam needs to be watched. He is inadvertently seeking attention and help through other adults. He doesn't understand what he is doing. He doesn't speak english- I can't tell him. he doesn't remember his first set of parents who were with him for the first 14 months of his life. He doesn't know what parents do or why he even needs them. It is up to us to show him, to teach him and

Between not feeling well, jet lag, many children and Hubby and JOhnny busy with the college search- I have missing some red flags. 2-3 days a week I have had to be everything to our little crew! Including the disciplinarian. Last night I spent some time praying over it and decided today was a new day.

Instead of "No Sam" today was going to be a "Yes Sam" day.
Instead of a frown and a disapproving look today I would make a point to smile more at my dear boy!
Instead of saying naughty- I said "Good Boy"!
Instead of being too tired to laugh I decided I needed to have the energy to laugh more and enjoy the cuteness!

Instead of focusing on learning, I am going to focus on enjoying what we are doing and having fun. I probably have jumped the gun with our two newbies as far as school goes. They need time... especially Sam. I don't know if he has even held a pencil before- it all seems so foreign to him. 

Sometimes I find myself learning some very important lessons from some very little people!


Shonni said...

Amen on that last sentence....same here.
Thank you for sharing your journey with us!!!

Adeye said...

I am so with you....I learn SO much from my kids.

Such a wonderful post....and that boy of yours is just absolutely beautiful :)

Sophie said...

So true, we can learn so much from our little people. It will take some time to get into a routine, so don't be so hard on yourself, especially since you haven't been feeling well. He's so lucky to have a family that loves him so much.

I've been feeling bad that I haven't been able to do as much with my daughter because of my foot surgery but today was such a beautiful day that her big brother took her to the park for me, it's always nice when the big kids can step in for us.

Feel better.

Janet and Kevin said...

I agree on trying to have more positive days than negative with my little ones -especially our youngest. He is trying sometimes and I need to be reminded to savor him more and get on him less. Good post.

Janet and gang

Sally-Girl! said...

Good post for me to read as I re-enter in our home for being gone for 23 days!! I don't need to worry about the house, unpacking and all the Type A things I normally would, but just time "being" with the kids, each of them the way that speaks to their hearts!!!

Thanks friend!!!

As for you and the two newbies, don't be so hard on yourself. You are just wanting to establish routine with them and you are excited for them to be a part of your family. It was not out of malice that maybe you have said "No, Sam" more than "Way to go Sam" or let him off your attachment radar. It was all benign, plus you SEE it now and are acting. Be kind to your wonderful mama self!!!

Love ya!

Tracy said...

Your words are so true today Jean. I have to remind myself on occasion when things are getting hectic to just relax and try to enjoy these fleeting moments with my kids, my husband and even my friends.

Anonymous said...

Jean! I hear you! You are begin a relationship and it should be a year of "yes!" (with boundaries OF COURSE!!) Just like we did with our bio. newborns their first year, we were the ones to meet all their needs with a smile and a "yes!". That is how we bonded with them! God bless you, Jean! You are amazing. He is amazing! keep on keeping on!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Thanks Jean. I needed to hear this week especially. So true, so simple, but so easily forgotten.