Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anna Update and the Zoo Again!

Thank you so much for all the comments regarding Anna! I think you were right on- she needs time, extra love,  and some individual attention. Anna is almost like a birth child. Whereas the others where adopted older, she was not. This family life of ours is wonderful and yet a bit confusing to her.

We have been especially in tune to meeting her needs since I posted my question- extra love, extra kisses, making room on our laps for her and allowing her her quiet time away from the others. I have also talked to her in a more grown up way and had a sense of humor with her. She has responded well- although I know we need to continue to work on this I can tell she is doing an ounce better and appreciates the effort- how can I tell?? It's my Mommy barometer- I sense she is whining less and that makes me happy!!

Yesterday Anna asked if she could do the reading that Ellie is doing (Which the fact that Ellie is even doing some beginning reading makes me want to cheer and do somersaults! Yay God!). So I decided what a wonderful way to give extra time- we sat down in the school room and began to read the kindergarten HOP (Hooked on Phonics) book. I was shocked- she knew all the words! She did it perfectly!! I think allowing her to forge ahead in her schooling is helpful and self esteem building to her! She also was as still as can be- no fidgeting or dancing in circles which furthers my thinking that she is completely bored with some of the things we have previously been doing.

We went to the zoo again- this is what happens when a family gets a season pass to the zoo- lots of zoo pics, probably more than you wanted!

This time we visited the farm animals at the zoo! It was a perfect day! About 70 and filtered sun!

Anna was thinking that these goats are a little scary!
She decided it was safest in Daddy's arms!

The kids got to brush and feed the goats!

Anna warmed up to them after a little while!

Sarah, Sam, Emma and Ava are all crazy about animals!

I think Ava was planning to bring this little guy home with us!!

The truth comes out! Ellie let us all know that -
"Me no likea farm"!

They must have known we were coming!

These two didn't read the sign or couldn't read the sign and sought refuge with the goats until Momma (that would be me) got them outta there!

The pigs were interesting- kind of! Okay they were tired and boring so we worked on our numbers and everyone counted how many piglets there were!

Here's our piglets!

The corn on the cob lathered in butter and salt was delish!

Then we were off to see the chicks hatching!

But they were a little slow soooo off we went!

The moose was putting on a good show and was right up against the fence!

It was a great day and this time Daddy was able to join us!!


Nancy said...

Oh, Jean. What great pictures. Love the kids eating corn.

Wright Family said...

wow, some real genuine smiles on Emma in these pictures !! Catherine

Lori said...

Those pictures of their faces as chickens are hilarious!!

So fun!! We hope to go to the zoo soon!

klm said...

I love the photographs!! It looks like you had a really great time at the zoo. I will have to come with you when I'm done with school--8 more school days!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE zoo passes!!!! :)

Cari said...

very cute zoo pics!

i never realized how much your Anna looks like my Sami! maybe it's because of their cleft repairs, but even their eye look cool.

David and Janet Hurley said...

That's OK Ellie, I don't like them either. I like to take the kids, but I personally DO NOT touch animals. And I'm thankful our zoo has many hand washing stations.