Sunday, May 22, 2011

Carnival Time!

Well thank goodness we did something fun on Friday night because this weekend has been a wash!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been periods of heavy rain showers, hail, winds, and tornadoes. We have been house bound the whole weekend except for an hour at church- which was at the time the world was supposed to end.
We decided how perfect if it did end while we were driving to church! Surely we would have found favor with God ;-) (Just Kidding)

We went to Katie's school carnival. Since we homeschool it is so nice to be able to attend this function with Big Sis Kate, I mean Miss Mulvahill!

It is so simple but it is such a thrill for the kids!! At first they were overwhelmed with all the activity and so many children. Ava reached for my hand- she did not want to get lost (like what happened at the zoo). It was so precious.

Ava's Daddy is a lot of fun!
And very silly looking!

Ava thinks that America is a very good place!
This, along with a healthy hot dog and chips is what the children had for dinner!

I do not like cotton candy.. at all! Yuck!
But sometimes when Dad is around they get to have it...what a nice guy!
We have dental appts scheduled for Ava and Sam this week. 
If they didn't have cavities before... they do now!

Katie put two of her students in jail- they had to sing to get out! I was tempted to put a few of my students in there too! ;-)

Looking forward to some decent spring weather. We feel so "cooped up" in the house and are longing to get out and get some fresh air. The sun is shinning right now but I am not very hopeful - this has happened a number of times over the last 3 days only to have a down pour, black skies and tornado warnings 15 minutes later.


Susan A said...

Beautiful pictures of your children! :)

I am so sorry for Kate, will certainly pray for her.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Looks like fun at the carnival. Too bad the weekend wasn't as great with the weather :( Praying for Bis Sis Kate- breakups are never fun :(

Sarah said...

Looks like fun! Praying for Kate.

Sally-Girl! said...

Can't show my kids you FUN blog!! Boy do you keep hopping with those kiddos!!! I am considered a stick in the mud!

Anonymous said...

Praying for Kate, Jean.
May God use this to draw her closer to Himself.
So hard.

Janet and Kevin said...

Praying for your Kate. :(

janet and gang

Holly said...

Such great pictures. I must say, that Ava is just adorable. Well, they all are. : )