Friday, May 20, 2011

A Comedy of Errors!

Today was interesting!

Hubby was not in town- so no back up!

We had a busy afternoon and a tight schedule!

Six children and their Momma went to Anna's preschool program (BTW our 5 in the audience did great! and so did Anna!) But when it came time for treats afterwards... well lets just say their plates were loaded and... well, I hope your weren't behind us... and hungry... because we cleaned house!

Then home for 30 minutes and off to swimming lessons! For the first time I had them put on their swim suits at home... therefore we forgot Anna's underwear... she was wearing a dress for the pre K program... enuf said!

Then I forgot all of the karate uniforms... BUT JOhnny was home and he brought them to us! yay!

But we forgot the bags of protective equipment and a shirt to wear underneath- bummer...

After swimming the girls got dressed...

We are working on modesty! So Ellie was dressing in the shower area... then she rested her hand on the shower handle and accidentally turned it ... on!

ah huh!

So now her underwear was wet... yep... enuf said...
so she put on her karate outfit and off we went to karate graduation.

Have I mentioned it was shower time for Sam so he had a special scent all his own (colostomy bag type scent ;-)

Off we went, missing underwear, underclothes, without equipment and smelling lovely!

They graduated to their GREEN belt, even without the right equipment while trying to keep their karate uniforms closed - way to go girls! YOU ROCK!

WE went all out and had McD's for dinner!

Yes, it was quite a day!!

Still chuckling! There is NEVER a dull moment around here!

And now I am just adding some swingset pics in... for the fun of it! Of course, they had to show Johnny their new swingset!


Angie said...

Oh,the funny...trying moments with lots of kids. Great you can laugh about them all! I just love to sit back and watch the kids on our play structure. They have so much fun, and it's been awesome to see gross motor skills improve, too. Now if there were just more swings...

Anonymous said...

Oh Man, Jean! I can so relate as I sit here and laugh at your post!!! This is life with lots of little ones!!! You are so good to roll with it and chuckle. Memories!
I just love it!

Sarah said...

In those moments, it's good to just keep on laughing!!

Anonymous said...

Just keep on laughing !!! You are one amazing/awesome Mommie. Love the pictures - I can never get enough of the beautiful smiling faces. God Bless !!! :))

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Your life makes me feel soo normal! I LOVE IT! Because things is not going to stop, but it is sooo fun along the way missing underwear and all :)