Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Visit to the Dentist!

Ava and Sam had their first dental appt.!
We are trying out a new pediatric dentist which is closer to home. In my current world that is important to do whenever we can!!
All the children loved the waiting room!!

As you can see Sam is READY!

Ava loved the chair going up and down!

Usually for first visits they only do a quick check of the teeth but these two did so well they did everything!

Ava has two big teeth on the bottom and 2 slightly lose on the bottom. She has 2 of her 4 - 6 yr old molars, which is right on since she will be 6 in June. No cavities! Her permanent teeth are all there up in the gum and look great! Her upper baby teeth are small from grinding. Poor dear- she must have handled stress by grinding her teeth.

Sam has 2 small cavities on the back upper surfaces. Otherwise his teeth looked great also. They both will have tight fits for their permanent teeth but it looks like they may all fit in.

I am thankful they have not had any pain from their teeth and it's looking good. Sarah came to us with two painful cavities and in need of 2 crowns.

So if by chance in are a dentist you may have found this post interesting- to the rest of you... I apologize!

(Anna update is next)


quilt-n-mama said...

As a child (and an adult:) I hated going to the dentist and honestly do not go nearly enough now! But my kids have an amazing pedi dentist that they LOVE. About 3 weeks from appointments, they start counting down on the calendar until they can go see Dr. F. So glad it was a great experience for your kids (and for you:)

Alligator Dental said...

AlligatorDental offers the highest quality pediatric dental services available. Dr. Al Burns DDS creates an open and comfortable setting for children and their parents.

Bianca said...

Visiting a dentist and hearing that there are no major problems with your or your children's teeth is the best news you'll ever get. Now that I've thought about it, I should also start preparing my little sister for her first dental visit.

-Bianca Jackson

willg said...

San Antonio dental has a great reputation. I'm glad your experiences have been going well so far.

Julius Ainsworth said...

I totally agree with Bianca! I’m sure it gave you peace of mind to hear from the dentist that your children’s teeth were doing fine. Having regular check-ups at least every 6 months is ideal to be sure that they maintain their healthy teeth. Hopefully, they won’t have any problems with their teeth for a very long time!

++ Julius Ainsworth ++