Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The groceries have arrived!!

It is as exciting as a birthday party!!

One of the ways we make "life work" is we have our groceries delivered!

I have so many wonderful helpers unpacking the groceries! Many hands make light work! Of course this also could mean the deli meats end up in the freezer and the ice cream is in the pantry!

Yes, processed, prepackaged food! Sorry IF I have let you down!

I did get fruits and veggies but they didn't make it in the pics!

There was a time in our lives when groceries where hard to come by... it was a very challenging time. I think I appreciate them and am as excited as the kids!!

The kids go on and on when they arrive! "Thank you Momma, Thank you!"

Not exactly an energy efficient way to unpack as far as the electricity! BUT it was a very energy efficient way to unpack for me!!

Oh, the joys of parenting this crew!
Such a huge smile over orange juice!
Thank you Jesus!


Susan A said...

Beautiful picture of Emma, loved her smile :) and it's always been a delight looking at pics of your children doing things :)

Susan said...

Dear Jean, I love your sweet family. They radiate with the love you give them. Oh, and the yummy prepackaged food!!!! I'm so proud of you and hubby for lovin' all these blessings from Father God. God bless you.

Holly said...

Oh how I would LOOOOOOOVE to have a grocery delivery service. I am dreaming about it. Maybe someday...

Sarah said...

They are so cute, and such great helpers!

Anonymous said...

Joy-Joy-Joy...........your beautiful family makes my heart so happy. My Love To Each One Of You XOXOXO

Jodi said...

Love it!!! my kids still get giddy over the grocery store too! Especially the 17 year old boy!

And can I say - thank God for processed food! It's a life saver some times! :)

Janet and Kevin said...

What a fun time your beautiful children are having! Our grocery delivery boy is my husband who will go to the store every other Saturday morning at 6 a.m. and loves it! He is a very early riser. So when our littles are just waking up, they can help Papa unload the groceries. It is a highlight of their week! Too funny!

I love the comment where you said that your children thank you over and over for their groceries! Kind of took my breath away in thinking about how precious that food may seem to them now that their tummies are always full and they are secure! But in a not too distance past, that might not have always been the case. Wow! How I thank God that our littles and your littles are home, safe and sound now. How I pray more littles can come home to more loving families.

janet and gang

Holly said...

I didn't even know one COULD have groceries delivered until you :)!!! I wonder if the Duggars do it that way?!
How FUN! So you shop online and then they deliver them?!!??
I am so out of touch and old school! Hooray for grocery day!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Totally NOT offended...I am NOT supermom!!!! Just an ordinary mom :) That seems like a great idea!!

Adeye said...

Grocery delivery????? I would LOVE that! Wish we had it here.

LOVE all your sweet little helpers. Precious.

Hunan Mommy said...

This must be a GREAT convenience! Such beautiful smiles! Again, I have so enjoyed reading your entries!