Friday, May 6, 2011

Just What The DR Ordered!

The forecasted temp was 70 degrees and sunny! We couldn't resist, so off to the zoo we went!

We were all in need of a break! Ava and Sam were ready to venture out for some much needed fun!

When I told them this morning what we were doing for today, they cheered!

We watched a baby Einstein Video on our way to the Zoo! I am a gunner and I want the kids to learn English! Only problem- it was set for speaking French! JUST WHAT I NEED! 6 children from China speaking french! I turned into the first parking lot I saw and switched it!! To ENGLISH!

This dude unanimously won the ugliest animal award! We all voted!
He's a wild boar... case closed!

The "takin" was the second ugliest animal. The kids were disappointed he came from China BUT once I reminded them how cute the panda is they felt much better!

The prairie dog was a favorite among many! He is so so cute UNLESS he is diggin holes in your yard!

Well here are some really cute animals! 6 little Mulvahill's! Originally from China but have settled nicely in the good ole USA!

The camel got mixed reviews! ugly and yet cute!

These two are nothin but CUTE! And they are lovin life!

Only in MN does a child ride a fish!

Miss Dimples was separated for us for a  minute - oh my, the tears flowed. I felt awful! My poor baby- she was so scared and so sad. Hugs, kisses, being carried made it better. It was only 2 yrs ago that our little girl was left- it upsets me to even think about it...

We had a GREAT day! After the zoo we met friends at the park!

Thank you Jesus!


Caroline said...

...Looks like a fun day for your wonderful family! If that's the zoo I think it is, my husband and I met there(at a college picnic) many years ago! Hopefully, good weather is on its way so your little ones can play outside and you can get some energy restoring sunshine:)

Shonni said...

Sounds like such a wonderful day!!!

Nancy said...

Do you take the six all by yourself? You are wonder woman. Looks like we are finally getting spring in the midwest. About time. Right?

Janet and Kevin said...

We love going to the zoo. It brightens a day! So fun to see your crew enjoying it, too!

janet and gang

Hezra said...

awww, the six little Mulvahills... sounds like a book waiting to be written! This is so sweet and looks like everyone had fun(aside from scary "lost for a moment" of course) I hope you get a weekend of rest and lots of hugs and kisses for mommy day.

Cari said...

what a fun day! great pics :)