Monday, May 16, 2011

Momma, I Was In Your Tummy? Right?

Yesterday Anna asked me-
"Momma, I was the only one that was in your tummy? Right?"

Hubby looked at Johnny and said "Cute"!

Johnny responded, "No, it's sad." 
He has really developed a tender heart for his new sibs. He is especially close to Anna since she has been home the longest. I think he just can't imagine what it would feel like to not know who your birth Momma is. This is something that most international adoptees have to deal with all their lives.  Adoption has made a mark on all our older children. Who knows what they will choose as the get older but the hearts have been forever changed by this journey.

Anna has been home the longest. She has no memories of China except what we tell her. She is the only one that does not understand the Chinese chatter that goes on around here.

Sometimes I think she doesn't see herself as Chinese.
When we were in China with her- she was described as a banana- yellow on the outside and white on the inside. She refuses to use squatty potties and she does not like rice.

We have told her many times that another Mommy carried her in her tummy but I carried her in my heart and as soon as we saw her picture we grabbed her referral- she was ours from that moment on! And she was meant to be our little girl forever!

She has seen 5 siblings come home, so THEY are most certainly adopted but she'd not so sure she was...

She is such a sweety and we are so thankful that she is ours!

Someday in the future we will have to have that conversation again but for now I think we are just going to enjoy each other!


Janet and Kevin said...

It's a little bit what your husband said and a little bit what your older son said - it is cute and sad at the same time, isn't it?

We have that talk with Philip all the time, but when he sees a newborn baby, he often says, "What country did they come from?" As if all children must come from a different country and aren't born out of the tummy of the mommy they are with!

I wonder what really goes on in their precious little minds and hearts as they ponder those tough things of adoption. It causes us adults to stop and ponder, too, so they must be confused at times.

Such a touching post, Jean. Thanks for sharing.

janet and gang

Sarah said...

Oh, she is just so precious!

Jodi said...

love Anna!!! Jailyn thinks she was born before Jorja because she came home first. Too cute!
And I agree - just enjoying each other is the best!!!!

Laura L. said...

Sweet pics of Anna! I know, these conversations are not easy. Jadyn has been asking questions since a very young age, probably age 3. It always wrenches my heart just a bit. She seems to be getting a decent grasp on things now. I do dread the even harder topics later to come, dealing with the real reasons she came into care.

Sally-Girl! said...

Such a sweet lambie!!! And love Johnny's maturing and tender heart!!! He got it from his mama!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Such a sweet lambie!!! And love Johnny's maturing and tender heart!!! He got it from his mama!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

That play yard looks like a ton of fun!!!!

And...that is soo sweet. Our kids talk about it together a lot how they have birth families...and they came to us at whatever age. Their favorite game- the when we brought you home the first thing you did was..... stories- they love it :)

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh, that sweetie girl! She and Lucy have SO much in common. Both are the first adoptions...and neither one speak Chinese like their adopted siblings. Lucy has been asking a lot about her adoption recently...I think it has become more real to her now that she has seen her newly adopted sibs come home. AND she definitely feels left out when they are all speaking Chinese and she can't.

I love Johnny's heart. And Jim is right is such a sweet thing that Anna said. She is SO attached that she just assumed she is flesh of your flesh.

Such a little darling.

Your are so blessed to have her!

Pam said...

Sweet baby. She certainly does love her mama.

Sue said...

Beautiful pictures of Anna. I totally see her reasoning on why she believes she came from your tummy. Good luck with the reasoning down the road, I have already had them with some of my girls.....

Serving the King said...

Oh bless her sweet little heart! I think the impact that you are having on your older kiddos is amazing, love that! Question: Do all of your current Mandarin speakers understand each other? Any dialect discrepancies? I'm so curious! Do tell! Do tell!

Karin said...

Awww...what a sweetie. We have one daughter who talks about her birthmom a lot. Our other kids don't. They all handle adoption differently. Most are matter of fact.

Nice swing set by the way! You will get your money's worth out of that, I'm sure! :)