Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yes, yes, yes... things are happening here- good good good things!! I cannot wait to share BUT... I am going to wait... I am so sorry, that is so mean of me! 

It is my birthday to day and so far it has been a wonderful day! 

 Matt and Caitlin are visiting from Colorado!! We are so happy to have them home!! They have a new puppy dog that is just adorable and they are finding out how much work is involved in raising a puppy!! 

Last night the adults that were in town went out to eat at a favorite restaurant! We had a good time!!
It is so wonderful to have a chance to spend time with the big kids!! I know the littles would have loved to have been there but... sometimes the grown ups need to hang out!

Can you believe they gave me the mask with the grey hair- come on people!

Right now hubby is grocery shopping for dinner with... the crew!! God Bless him!! I hope they make it back before bedtime!!

I love seeing my guys together! We are missing Johnny and Mark.


klm said...

happy birthday mama!!!

Mandi said...

Happy Birthday, Jean. I can't imagine it not being a great one with all your family there.
Sam and Ava look like they always been part of your family.

Can't wait to hear what is going on. I am assuming it has something to do with the blank mug from your previous post...


Cari said...

So glad you got grown-up time on your

Can't wait until you share the good good things that are happening!!

Annie said...

Happy, happy birthday!!!

Lori said...

Wait just one minute. Are you saying that restaurants actually let you come eat there without a load of children in-tow? Well!! That is fine discovery. I hope to experience that for myself someday!! LOL

Happy Birthday, friend!!