Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Remember this adorable little boy? He has a family that is in the process of bringing him home! His two buddies are on my sidebar! They are as cute as can be too and they are available! 

The family that is bringing him home would love your prayers! They would love your support as they venture into this GOD journey!

They knew he was their son when they saw his picture!
That is an amazing feeling when you know that a child is yours!
This sweet boy has a serious health issue. His heart and maybe lungs are not in good shape? They will find out more once they get him home and can get him to the Dr.
They are concerned that they may not get him home in time- Please Please Pray!

Please follow their journey of love and service to our Lord!
Please pray for their new son - that God will sustain him and heal him. That the adoption process will be expedited!

They have had many instances where God has been so evident in this journey!
It is so cool to see HIM at work!


Jennifer P said...

Thank you, Jean. I am humbled. Praying that God will continue to work a miracle in this boy's life. We found out just today that he knows about us and is excited!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh Jean, I know you have been praying for this little one for a long time. I am so happy for YOU, him and the new family!!!

Renee said...

He is precious!! So happy to see how God is moving!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AMEN!!! WE already are praying and will continue! God has plans :)

Sarah said...

What a handsome boy!

Sammy said...

I cannot believe he was going to make you pay!! See that is the type of thing I need to be more Christian about, because I would have been so ticked.