Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time to Purge...

We have put this off too long. It is time to get rid of things, time to purge!

We are beginning to burst at the seams and it just shouldn't be this way. Yes we have a big family but we also have adequate space. We need to be more organized and utilize the space that we have in a better way.

I have seen others post on this and read how freeing it can be- I want that for us! 

My Mother passed away 3 years ago and we inherited many of her things. Being a product of the depression she believed every item she owned was worth a lot! On top of that everything had meaning to her. She was unable to go through her belongings herself- so we now have much of it along with my brother and sister. 

I love my parents dearly but I cannot store their things, cherish every item, remember where everything came from and have 13 children (did I just say that, hmmmm?)! I obviously am not very good at going through things and getting rid of stuff- it's genetic!

I honestly am praying over it all now. Praying for God to help us purge. To keep what he wants us to have and to give away that which we do not need.

For so long we hung onto things... thinking the older children would want them when they moved in to their own place but that has not been the case. No one wants the pink dishes from 4 houses ago... and it's time to realize no one will ever want them. Maybe to someone else they will be new, fun and useable!

It is a daunting task filled with emotion...

At one point I said to hubby if we keep going at this pace I will be dead before we get the job done! It's time to move fast and dispose quickly! 

I do not like to throw things away- I feel like I am being wasteful but keeping things makes our home cluttered and we cannot have that with 13 children in the family (did I just say that, again?)!

Have you had to do this? 
How did you do it?
What advice do you have for me?
Would you pray for us as we tackle this humoungous job!

WE have basement storage and an off site storage where we have my mom's furniture. Her furniture is little, petite, delicate and breakable- we are not any of those things.

I really hope and pray to get this humoungous job done in a timely fashion so we can move on in our life. I pray to be free of the bondage of STUFF. And free of the emotional guilt that can go along with STUFF.

One thing I have to say is - my brother(and sister in law), my sister and I went through everything in our mother's home without even arguing once! That in itself was a miracle! By doing that and still maintaining our relationships- I believe we gave her the best gift of all!

(I prayed continuously throughout the whole process- thank you Jesus! Prayer was answered!)


Sarah said...

Okay, don't leave us hanging like that!! You only had one blank can that add up to 13?!

Anonymous said...

Okay - I'm with Sarah !!! We're hung up on the "number 13." If you tell us......we'll tell you how to start purging. dice !! Just kidding, of course. I understand completely what you are saying. It's a difficult task to get rid of things that have been in the family for years, and that our grown children do not want. It's a sad thing to decide what must go, and what can stay. Not a fun thing to do. I know you will do the right thing - you always do. God will let you know. Hugs xoxoxo

Matilda Joyce said...

I've been lurking for a while, and am happy to finally comment.

Here is what worked for me: a trusted friend came over and we went through what needed to be cleared out. It is extremely helpful to go through the items with someone who has no emotional attachment to them. Devote a few hours to it at a time, perhaps weekly. It would probably help to have the rest of your clan elsewhere. You can then offer to do the same for your friend. (We did, and it's been fun to be the organizer for her.)

You do mention "throwing out', but I assume you really intend to donate the items. Think about the blessing these items were for your mother and what a blessing they'll be to someone else. That may help.

Good luck!

Mom2Four said...

We had to do this when my DH's mom died last July. We ended up donating nearly everything in her house to a local charity. We didn't need any of her stuff and someone else could use it.
We are still working on this in our home. We purged some when we rearranged rooms but still have a long way to go.
Tackle one room or one cabinet a day. Think about what you really need/use on a daily basis and keep only that. It helps to think about what would really need replacing if you lost everything in a fire/tornado.

David and Janet Hurley said...

13!!!!,fantastic, I wish I had your energy, how do you keep the house clean?!
We have moved 8 times, and yard-sale every year, so I have never accumulated a ton of stuff. I did have togo thru my mothers things at age 23. I had no children yet, and lots of storage, so I kept alot. Over time, I have let go of a little more each year. When we did fundraising for our 1st adoption, I sold some antiques. And with each adoption, I have sold more....with the thought "this piece is in my way, and could turn into $100 toward adoption". if your siblings do not want the furniture, get with a consignment shop or antique shop--use the money for your next adoptions, or to help fund someone else's. You're right, young kids want new stuff. I would suggest saving something special for each child, like a pretty tray or candy dish. Your kids will appreciate and value you them as they get older, but keep thing that store easily...maybe dedicate 1 small closet or a few cabinets to these things...and nothing more. Look at the items with a friend, and decide what things are versatile in color, and useful, that the kids would really use for special occasions. Do not bother to keep paper or fabric items that will mold and mildew. Hold the memories in your heart, not in the things. I -personally--am down to a mantle clock, and some trays, pitchers, and dishes that fit in 2 glass front cabinets in my kitchen.
I have also cut way down on decorative accessories this year, cleared the kitchen counter of all but 1 platter, and 1 topiary, reduced items on mantle, etc...less to dust=)

Faye Verquer said...

13...just doesn't add up...Im sure I can figure out number 12 but 13??? Is one of your children engaged? Spill it then I will spill my good hints!!!


Angie said...

These are the verses the Lord gave when we moved ahead to adopting our 3rd and 4th from China.
Matthew 6:19-21 19 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; 20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

You are already doing this by showing where your heart is by bringing home all these precious treaures now let the rest of your life reflect that also.
These things are not what is of value for eternity. Keep the few precious things, take pictures of others, your children will see your heart which is to make room for them.
Even though I have never met you I see your heart in the pictures of you surrounded by your treasures and that will change not only these children's lives but others who see your life in person and through your blog!
His blessings!

Hezra said...

so confused. lol 13? gah!! ok, well, you need to watch Clean house on netflix. They do that. They go through the whole house. They gather sellable items and they have a giant yard sale. The proceeds go to what they need. They get a makeover on three rooms. Paint, furniture, organization. It is awesome. There is a book "It's all too much" that helps. If you love an item and it is beautiful and you can use it-- keep it. If not, take a picture and save THAT. We are doing this here too. It is exhausting overwhelming and time consuming. I am working alone a lot on it. So I need to recruit more minions. lol Good luck, and my prayers are with you.

Jo's Corner said...

Take a picture of the things that have special meaning for you. And, if you're interested in getting those Pink dishes used, I would LOVE to have them! My kitchen is done in pink. But, I've never found pink dishes. You can let me know at: jomoseley57(at)gmail(dot)com. I live in MN. and could come and get them! And, meet you and your beautiful kids! Hugs ~ jo

Nancy said...

Jean, there's a consignment store for the furniture in a town next to yours. Let me know if you want the name & phone # - they come and look at what pieces you have and they decide what pieces they can sell in their store. They are also helpful in determining if something has value vs. not much value. Just an idea.
Nancy Mc

MoonDog said...

I feel your clutter! I have always been a pack rat. but I dont want to be anymore. One thing you could do is take photos of the cherished things and furniture that were your moms then donate them somewhere they will be of more use. this way you get to keep the memories and the feelings that come from the item without having to store the item. I watch hoarders and I KNOW I could easily VERy easily become a hoarder! I have to keep on top of it all the time! I cleared out my kitchen and when I was done I could close ALL the cabinet doors again and not once have I missed anything that is gone from there. Good luck on your journey to declutter and your journey to your new babies.