Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a Day!

Sam had his big day at the hospital having test done to see what is the situation inside- what does he have, what doesn't he have and what will need to be done to repair him.

I get a little nervous for days like this- he can't have anything to eat or drink and we somehow have to get out of the house with everyone else doing okay and skipping breakfast. Everything fell into place and Sam and I were on our way to the appointments.

The hospital we went to is brand new! I mean brand brand new! Like 2 days old, brand new! It was beautiful!

We drove Vanna into the underground parking- it said it was 8ft 2 in! No problem for my girl! She's 6ft 10 in! Once we were in the ramp there were signs that  hug down and well, she nudged a few of them ;-)
I don't know about you but I'm not lookin up there to find out how much of a nudge it was- I'm puttin it in the I don't want to know category! I did try to avoid the pipes! I envisioned us breaking a water main and well, then I stopped day dreaming!

Since it had just opened 2 days ago no one knew how things worked- they were still figuring it all out! The equipment was all new, the things in the drawers were new - they had to search every drawer just to find tape ;-)
In fact the staff was often lost in their own hospital!

Even the toys in the waiting room were new! 
Everyone was wonderful, the tests went smoothly and of course they loved Sam!
Whew!We will find out the results of the tests in the near future- actually- I'll be checking on that tomorrow!

Sam had to go under general anesthesia for the MRI but was awake for the ultrasound and colon contrast.
He did great through all of it!

While in the hospital our babysitter was trying to get a hold of me. She was not feeling well and needed one of us (hubby or me) to come home. The poor thing had been texting me but there is no service in the hospital. When I got the messages I called her right away and told her I was leaving for home immediately.

That was my intention BUT the brand new automatic pay place would not accept my parking stub. It kept telling me that it was not valid and it was unreadable... The people behind me had no trouble. They paid there parking fee and went on their way... sooooo, I decided to try again. Same thing... not readable? After a couple more trips up and down the elevators to find someone that could help me. I saw a man at the front desk- with a suit on. Now, very few people wears suits nowadays, so I immediately thought- aha- he can help! He has to be important!  He's wearing important clothes! But alas, he couldn't help me- he had no clue...
In fact he sent me back downstairs to pay at another one of those fancy machines BUT guess what- there wasn't one down there... so back up I went. This time he sent me to the valet people- they walked me to my car then met me at another pay place as you exit the ramp...
Same thing happened - after trying it 4 times they decided to believe the machine and determined that my parking stubb actually was unreadable.

He took out his calculator and was going to add up my time. At that point... I said to him. I have been trying to leave for a half hour. I need to get home. My babysitter is throwing up and she is caring for my 5 other children. How about if you just let me go?
He waived his ID in front of the machine and whoola- I was once again a free woman!
Thank you Mr parking attendant!

Once home my dear friend left- to get some rest and feel better. The kids and I were off to gymnastics!
 Two miles later I hear Sam squirming and deep breathing- look in my rear view mirror to catch a glimpse of him throwing up in the car. Oh, happy day...

Get to gymnastic, get the other kids in their classes and clean up Sam! Buy him a new pair of pants while at gymnastics (thank goodness they had them!)

Whew... take a deep breath and think to myself "Wow, what a day!"


Sophie said...

Yickes that is a hectic day, I probably would have started pulling my hair out, you did pretty good though. Poor Sam, hope all is well.

Renee said...

Wow! What a day! You are such a great Mom!

Sue said...

I hope you get the answers you are looking for with the test results and hope that Sam just got sick from the medication for the MRI.....You are an awesome mom and I like your van's name....

Sarah said...

Yes, I'd say that was a busy day! I can't believe you made it to gymnastics!

Serving the King said...

So glad Sam's procedure went well! So glad Vanna didn't dismantle the brand new parking lot! So glad you met nice parking attendant guy! So glad puke comes out of carpet! So glad.....ack.....never mind....I'm exhausted just responding to your day....I can't imagine living it. I'm gonna go take a nap now.

Chris said...

I thought my day was busy...nuff said

Holly said...

I totally would have cried. Hope you get some great sleep tonight and answers tomorrow and that NONE of your kiddos get the sickness your sitter had. sorry :(

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh dear friend that is a day for the record books!!! Can't wait to hear the results of the tests and sure hope the other five don't get the stomach flu!! That would make many record book days!!!

Karin said...

Oh my word....that is exhausting just to read!!! So hope and pray that none of you get the flu.

Laura L. said...

Oh heavens, what a day is right! What troopers you and Sam are, to have made it through all of that. You poor things!
I hope that the results of Sam's exams are good and what you are hoping for them to be.

I just read about the new hospital in the Sunday paper, and you've already been there. Girl, you do know how to do things right! :)

Dr. D @ Curls and Twirls said...

What a day! Hope Sam is feeling better.

Difference2This1 said...

That IS a big day!! Can't believe you still carried on to gymnastics...the puking in the car would have broke me!! LOL!!

Prayers for a calmer day... Jennifer

TanyaLea said...

Oh Jean, I don't know how you do it some days!? GRACE...that has to be it! Or is it the fruits of the Spirit?! Either way, you AMAZE me! I think I may have been a basket case in your shoes. Hope you were able to relax and have a nice evening at home. A long, hot bath, maybe?! ;)

So glad the parking attendant knew to just let you go. Glad he was nice about it. Still looking forward to meeting Sam and Ava in person. Hopefully I can make it to the next play date!!

Keeping Sam in our thoughts and praying for solid answers to his testing.

God bless! <><