Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Ava!!

This was the last day of VBS for the children! It was so joyful to see them all singing songs praising our Savior Jesus!!
As they were singing my friend noticed that Emma was having a hard time.
 It was all too much for her... the noise, the crowd, the movements... She was starting to cry as she stood in front of the crowd. She was wiping her brow- it was warm and overwhelming. I was able to get her off stage and have her sit on my lap for the rest of the program. She calmed down and then chose to join her group again as they went back to the classroom.

After VBS we came home for lunch and Ava saw her balloon bouquet! 
I don't think Ava knows what a birthday is- she had a quizzical look on her face each time I mentioned it! She would appropriately smile and then give me a look as if to say- "what on earth are you talking about"!
She gave out suckers to her class for her b-day!

In the afternoon we went to "build a bear"! The children have never been there- they were thrilled to get their own stuffed animal and an outfit!

We are so blessed to have this precious girl in our family!
My heart cannot believe that she is 6 yrs old! Oh how I wish she would have been home for years by now instead of only 2.5 months.

They were all so happy with the final results!!
And yes, we had Sarah pick last so there were no duplicates!

Feeling so thankful for these 6 blessings!

In the evening we had  dinner and gifts!
It was just the right amount for Ava! She did well and it was not overwhelming for her!
Such a sweet child!
The other older children had previous commitments such as a wedding, US open, living in another state, etc!

She was so excited to open her gifts! 

All the children gathered round her!

Johnny noticed that some of the kids had... well... feelings... while Ava opened gifts...

Why, you ask? Maybe because this boy could not stand... anyone... ever having a birthday... for about 8 years... oh ya... he's come a long way!

Happy Birthday Sweet Ava!

Thank YOU, Jesus!


Sally-Girl! said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ava!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl. So glad you are home to celebrate this one.

janet and gang

Angie said...

happy birthday ava! your children are beautiful!angie

Sue said...

happy birthday to you Ava...and many more...

Holly said...

Oh, so PRECIOUS!! She is simply adorable. And I love that cake! Happy birthday, Ava!!!!!

Sophie said...

What a precious bunch you have. Happy birthday to your sweet Ava.

Tesseraemum said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ava!!

Angie said...

Just the first of many happy birthdays, sweet Ava!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Ava! :)

Jennifer said...

Look at that gorgeous smile with dimples to boot. Happy Birthday Ava!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your precious Ava. What a fun and special birthday she had, and everyone got to join in the fun. Oh how I love Build-A-Bear. I take my grandkids everytime I'm in Colorado. As always - I just adore all of the pictures. I can't get enough of their happy smiling faces. :))

Holly said...

So glad she didn't miss another birthday in your family and I am so thankful to know your family, even if from a distance. Ava is a special little girl :)
Happy Birthday sweet one...and many more to come!

Vicky said...

How sweet! Your blog is one of my favorites! I love following and can hardly wait to get my own daughter! Happy Birthday, Ava!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy Happy 6th Birthday, Precious Ava! I can't wait to see you American Girl doll! Yep! I saw the box. Looks like a FUN time at BuildABear was had by all! Hugs ~ Jo

Pam said...

Happy Birthday, Ava! Such a special day!

Karin said...

Happy Birthday, Ava!! What a special little girl you are. :)

Nicole A. said...

Happy Birthday, Ava! What a sweet smile you have! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA