Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Name Change!

This little guy is getting a name change. We have decided not to name him Luke Benjamin (we do love that name but we decided to make a change).
It will just be the middle name we are changing- could never change the first name- there is just no way 
around it, this little guy is LUKE!!

Here are your choices and yes I need a little help!
Tell me which one you like best!
Luke William
Luke Robert
Luke Lewis

Luke's middle name will be after his foster father in China!

Let me know in the comment section which one you are leaning towards!

And since your here, reading my blog, I will tell you a little story-
A long long time ago...
excuse me!
Yes, the car had been invented!
Yes, we had TV!
Your going to far back...
 I'm thinking it was around 1994-95.
My friend said to me-
 Jean, what on earth were you thinking?
You have Matthew, Mark, and John! Why did you name your other son Billy?
The Gospel according to Billy???
What ever happened to Luke?

Well, now we know what happened to LUKE!
God had a wonderful plan and Luke was part of it!
Our sweet little boy was waiting in China for his forever family. 
Actually he wasn't born yet but God new the timing!
He knew I would stare at the picture of a boy in China named Luke and that he would speak those words to me!
"He is your son!"

(Our son Billy is actually named William. He is named after my father. He is fine with us reusing the name William as Luke's middle name.)

OH, and if you've gotten this far and your still with me- don't forget to vote on the name!!


Janet and Kevin said...

Cool story about Luke's name. Back around that same time, 94-95, (boy, that makes you and I seem really old!!:0), anyway back at that time, a friend called and told me not to worry, God would give us our second child some day.

That second child came home in 2008! Then, a third, and now we are waiting on our fourth!

God has it all figured out - He knew He would send you a Luke~


janet and gang

Tesseraemum said...

Aww, how awesome is that?!! I love it!!
I vote for any of them! They are perfect!! Sheri

Shonni said...

That’s a tough vote...
but I’m leaning toward
Luke Lewis because it’s a fun name...

Annie said...

I'm liking Luke Robert.
Can't go wrong with any!

Vicky said...

Okay, you asked! I like Luke William because not only would he be named after his foster father he would be named after his god father and big brother!

Luke "Bob" seems like one of the Walton's names but then we might be on to something with all your goodnights!

Luke Lewis....LL a rapper?

Seriously, all those names are great! I look forward to reading about the one you picked!

ourchinagirls said...

Well, some wise person once told me that before you decide on a name that you should go outside and YELL the whole name three times. After you have done that and it sounds good and the cops don't come knocking at your door it is a good name!!

My sincere apologizes..but I just read a name that some parent named their child. Harry Richard Cox.

kristin said...

Oh, I love the Luke name story! I like Luke William. Maybe partly because I also have a 2 1/2 year old son waiting in China for me and he will be named Willem. I also think it's pretty neat that he'd be named after his big brother.

Sally-Girl! said...

Of course you know my opinion already, but I will publicize it!!! I vote for Luke Lewis to honor both foster parents who love him deeply, but I do like Luke William as well. Luke Lewis is just different and adorable as are his foster parents in China!!!

Sammy said...

I love it! You're suppose to have a Luke. As far as the middle name all I can tell you my kids the names were easy, because I had my favorites a long time, but naming these last few was really difficult for me.

Anonymous said...

I love the "name" story you told. So sweet. Okay - I like all of the names....but - I vote for Luke William. I have a William Knoerr (Billy), so of course I'm partial to that. I love the above story about going outside and calling the name. So cute ! :)

Holly said...

I love that story...and I like Luke William the best! What a fantastic idea. I was so nervous when I read you were changing a name and I saw that picture. Soooo glad you are keeping Luke!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I like Luke William :)

And I totally would switch doctors- just sayin' that is crazy!!! It says volumes about a person's character....

PRAYING for your sweeties that you could bring them home QUICKLY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we are committing to praying for the letter, the children and UGH!! i'm getting upset just thinking about it.
God can make a away, these are His children.
I love william...
you can tell him stories of
1. William Tyndale
2. William Wilberforce
3. Billy Graham
4. His big brother
Over here at the jones family we think we all want to be adopted by the Mulvahills. It looks like fun"camp" over at your place!!!
Praying lots for you all!!!!!!
laura and family

alee said...

Hello:) I just found your blog via a friend!We are "waiting" to bring home our 1st SN China babe...{biometrics scheduled for this wk.}
Our hearts are with these special children {esp. the older ones!} & we have know idea where the Lord will take us, but it is so exciting to see families like yours reaching out & being HIS hands & feet...
Blessings to you...
{oh yes "luke william" is a sweet name :)}.

Kelly Marriott said...

Luke William sounds perfect! I love the idea of him having a name in common with the big brother that didn't make the the "apostle" cut in the first go-round.


Annie said...

Very neat story about Luke's name!! I really like Luke William. I think that sounds great together! My grandfather was Luke. My father was Luke, my brother is Luke and my nephew is Luke! Love that name:)

Jennifer said...

Voting Luke Lewis because I like how it sounds with your last name.

But all of them are wonderful.

As the Lord leads.

Holly said...

Luke William! LOVE the meaning!

Jo's Corner said...

I had a William at age almost-15. Not by choice was this little man conceived. I placed him in an open-adoption. William was blessed with an extra chromosome, thus my love for all the little ones on RR! So, I say Luke William! (Or Luke Joseph!)
:D Love ~ JO

Sara said...

Luke William, Love it!...We just had a baby William :-) named him after my dad (William,and my hubby's dad,Kenneth...William Kenneth.

You are so blessed!!

Laura L. said...

Luke William is my vote. :)

Candice said...

william, hands down, after bill and billy

Nicole A. said...

Luke William is my vote!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

living4him5 said...

Hi Jean,

I LOVE Luke William. If the Lord directs us to a little guy, we will be naming him William James.

PRAYING for all of you in Illinois!!

God bless,

PS...thank you again for your generous donation. <><

rebecca said...

Hi Jean! I always get excited when I go on your blog and see "Hope" in your side bar. She is now listed with Great Wall. Thanks for continuing to advocate for her!!! I just know that God has a family out there just for her. Your family is growing, I see! How beautiful!
Rebecca McKee

Blogging Friend said...

I like Luke William. Not only does it sound really good together, but from reading other comments it appears to be the foster family name. Also sharing a name with your big brother can never be a bad thing. Could cause them to be very special to each other since they will share their name.

When will you ge able to go and get this cute little man. I have thought from the very beginning that you guys needed to adopt him. It was definitely meant to be!
Obviously my time frame was not the same as God's but that is still okay! He is still a cute little sweetheart that needs a loving Mommy and Daddy!


Lynsay said...

Hi Jean. Well first I have to say, SO HONORED. In fact, when I read this post the other day I was crying. Truly. We have loved, and continue to love, Luke with every ounce of our being. He has been our son in every way possible, and for you guys to recognize and honor that is amazing! Thank you. For me, I love Luke Lewis, and my reason would be because my girls have loved him with all their hearts just as we have, and to be able to tell them that he shares their name forever would be pretty cool! Love you guys!

Kathy said...

I vote Luke Lewis! I think that is a mighty special way to keep that connection with the whole family:-) And as a foster mum(who said goodbye yesterday to our latest little princess), it is pretty special to have a little connection go with them.

MommaT said...

Luke Robert or Luke Lewis:)