Sunday, June 19, 2011

Road Block!

Literally a road block!

This is what we woke up too!

Hubby was going to sneak off to the coffee shop this morning! He got into his car and noticed the "road block"!

This is a "cheap tree", it's a boxelder tree. The roots are shallow and it grows like a weed! Probably because it is a weed!

We have been driving under it and thought wow it's growing so fast but really what was happening is it was leaning further and further over. So thankful it happened at night when the children were safe in bed! And very thankful it did not land on a car!

Today we had Sam and Ava's baptism scheduled- right after the 10:30 service!

We wondered if we would make it to church and/ or the baptism!

There homes were trapped by the tree!

Thank goodness our neighbor knew somebody with a chain saw that would come over and take care of it!
Honestly, chain saws and my hubby do not go together!

We all made it to church and the baptism!
I will post on that next!

He is coming back tomorrow to clean it all up!! Yay!

We have a few other leaners that may have to go before they land on the deck, the garage or our neighbors house and garden!

So far it has been an eventful Father's Day!


Renee said...

Oh wow! So thankful nobody was under it when it fell!

Karin said...

Oh my thankful it came down at night. Can't believe you were able to get it out of the way in time to get to church!