Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Troubled Waters!

Ahhhhh, yes... this would be the local lake sheriff ;-)

Ahha, Yep, this is his side kick... Barney Fife!

As it turns out the lake water is very high and ahhh, well... the bay we were in was a no wake zone.
Ahha, yes we were going a little faster than ahhhh no wake!
And yes the kids were squealing with glee!

We didn't know it was a no wake bay. It's not posted anywhere ;-)
Oops! After claiming our innocence we had to go through the boat and make sure we had all our safety gear. After all we wouldn't want to have a wasted "pull over"!
FYI- the lights were flashing on his boat! After us he zoomed after more prey (I mean another boat).
Wait a second... if this is a no wake zone for us then...
Life is not fair...

Since all went well we, I mean the kids got stickers!!

I think he got a kick out of me saying- wait a second- I'm a blogger I need to take pics of this!

After all the excitement, we made sure we knew all the rules. After all one "sheriff stop" is enough for the day!

The weather was perfect! Johnny and Billy joined us!
The water was cold but we had a few brave souls!
Ava, Anna and Sam chanted for the big boys to take a dive in the lake!
Johnny and Billy could not resist the challenge!

Then it was Sarah's turn! She did it!

Ellie has a competitive streak in her and she wanted in, too!

Billy, Billy, Billy!

The other 4 kiddos stayed safely in the boat!

And me... ahhh, well I was watching the children in the boat, of course!
It was the only motherly thing to do!!

And snapping pics!


Adeye said...

What a fun day out for your kids. Looks wonderful---minus the water cops :) Goodness, friend, your newest additions seen to be doing so amazingly well. What a blessing from the Lord.

So amazing.

Sarah said...

ooohh...I miss MN lakes!!

Anonymous said...

L-O-V-E !!!!!! :)))

Sue said...

I can't believe the sherriff let you take pictures the whole time. I was chuckling.....My kids really enjoy swimming in the middle of their grandparents lake too, sometimes I think they like it better swimming out there with life jackets on...

Jodi said...

Funny and fun! Can't believe you took photos of the whole thing! That totally cracks me up!
What a fun day out on the lake!!

Jennifer said...

I love that you took pictures of your "pull over". Hee, hee! Totally cracks me up. :) It looked to be a beautiful day! :)

Jennifer said...

Somebody has to take the pictures, right? Looks like a beautiful day. How did the new littles like the boat?

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Uh oh! Oopsie.....

Reminds me of the time my husband's parents were visiting from England. My mother in love said would it be ok for me to ask to see his gun? (In England the cops don't have guns) Yeah- no mum that is not a good idea ;)

Karin said...

Oh my goodness...I'm giggling here. :) Luckily there isn't a limit to how many people you can have in the boat?! :) hee!

Anita said...

Beautiful lake pics and that is so hilarious about getting pulled over by the local sheriff!! How lucky to have one who didn't mind his pic being taken, too!!! LOL!!