Thursday, June 16, 2011

VBS this week!

The children are in VBS this week! They absolutely love it and want it to continue on to next week... and through the summer!

It was Emma, Ellie, Ava and Sam's first time doing VBS!

The first day- I worried. Ava was a little overwhelmed- she had the deer in headlights look in her eyes. Both Anna and Sam managed to be carried by the teachers! Emma and Ellie spent the whole time in their class without recognizing their good friend Michael.

Sarah was fine- it was her 3rd year doing VBS! When she left the room everyone said in unison "Bye Sarah"!

We regrouped after the first day!
Everyone had an assignment!
Anna and Sam needed to WALK with there precious little legs that GOD gave them!
Ava needed to hold a teachers hand if she was confused about where to go!
Emma and Ellie needed to say "Hi Michael"!
Sarah needed to learn her teachers name and the names of the children in her class!

They were successful!! For the most part! Anna did manage to sit on the teachers lap during story time!
The good thing is there are plenty of sibs to tell on her!!
Next day she sat on her own!!

They love VBS and we are so thankful!!
One day they learned about attitude, then inspiration, then honesty and today was trust! What wonderful lessons to learn!  

As the Mom- I love VBS, too!!
They are doing a great job!
(and I did not volunteer- so I've been able to check off many things on my to do list!)

The children all brought planted flowers home! Marigolds... I'm allergic to them and my allergies have now set it! The marigolds have gone from the kitchen counter to the deck 

Tomorrow is our last day. We're sad it's over with 

However, from a Momma's point of view it has been incredible BUT this family has a hard time getting anywhere at 8:30 am!

We're exhausted!
Thank you Jesus for this wonderful VBS and thank you Jesus that next week- when we will get back to our regularly scheduled programing!


Susie said...

Love seeing Emma's grin! She has learned to smile for pictures! What a long way we all have come since last July in Guangxi!

laurajonesjournal said...

I was going to say the same thing! Emma's smile makes me smile, what a long way she has come this year. You guys are amazing. press on Jean!

Karin said...

I LOVE the photo of all of them in row! What a cute idea. I think I will steal it. :) So glad they loved VBS. A few of mine get in trouble for making people hold them in their church class too. Stinkers! Like you said, they have sibs that will rat them out. :)

Holly said...

I love VBS too! And I absolutely love those pictures. Such a beautiful group of kids. : )

Sally-Girl! said...

I just got shots with all my kids in their matching VBS shirts too. Need to post them, almost as cute as yours ;-) !!! AND I am going to be as smart as you and not volunteer next year because this week has done me in!! I need another vacation. No wait that is part of my problem I have not regrouped from being back from vacation and then being thrown into a week of VBS!!!

You are my wise friend this I know and love about you!!

Lynne said...

I agree - I just love seeing Emma smile, and the light in her eyes now. I love, love, love - their happy smiling faces. So thankful they had a great week at VBS - beautiful memories for them. I just love the pictures - I could just eat them up !! :))

Angie said...

Ha! Love it when the sibs can "rat out" when the other's getting away with a big no-no. :) We have VBS next week...and another one at the end of July. The kids do love it, though Jenna's too young for this first one. That's OK...mama bonding time!

Lori said...


Our church doesn't have VBS :( but I might find one that you reckon they would take my teenagers too? Please say yes. LOL

You are such a good Mama, Jean!

Sue said...

Great pictures....It is wonderful that they could all attend and that they each had things they needed to do....My 3 girls are attending one for the first time this year as it is in August when they are off of school....see you hopefully today

Sarah said...

So glad that they all had such a great week!

Nicole A. said...

Those pictures are so, so cute! It must make you feel incredible to see your little ones all lined up ~ and home and happy and doing so well! Better yet, next year, there will be 2 more!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA