Friday, July 29, 2011

Deep Conversations at Our House!

Anna- Yes
Sam- No 
Anna- Yes
Sam - No
Anna- Yes Yes Yes
Sam- No No No
Continues on...


Sam- Yes
Anna- No
Sam- Yes
Anna- No
Sam- Yes Yes Yes
Anna- No No No
They are like an old married couple...

Another one of my favorites is-

Anna- Mom, Ava is such a tattletale.
Mom- Really? Why?
Anna- Because she is going to tell on Ellie for cutting her dolls hair.
Mom- Really?
Anna- Ya, she is such a tattletale.
Mom- But she didn't tell? You did?
Anna- Ya but she was going to...


Susan A said...

Maybe Ellie has been trying to figure out why Sarah's hair being cut received praise, so she let her doll get a hair cut as well? So she gets praise? Just a thought :)

Cute about Anna and Sam :)

Anonymous said...

How cute is that - I cannot stop laughing. Your post just made my day. Precious little munchkins !! I adore the picture as well - so stinkin' cute ! xoxoxo

Angie said...

Wait...are you sure those are your kids? Because my kids tend to have the same annoying...I mean, meaningful...conversations!

Shonni said...

LOL...I get conversations like this too!!

Peggy said...

I am literally LOL! The tattletale conversation did me in! LOL

Hezra said...

HA! That is hysterically funny. I get crazy conversations here too. it is what keeps this mama going.(well, that and the coffee)

Nicole A. said...

Such a cute conversation ~ how funny! I must say, though, that the funniest thing about this post is the photo of your dog just sitting on top of the back of the chair ~ and you don't even mention it in the post! As if to say, yep that sort of thing is normal around here!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Wright Family said...

I Love Tattletales !! I want to know everything ! me a controlling mother, it is true...Catherine

Sarah said...

ha! We never have any of those kinds of conversations at our house!! :)

Sophie said...

Tee hee hee, this is too funny!