Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma and Ellie!!

This is there first celebrated Birthday at home! Ellie's is today and Emma's is tomorrow BUT we got started a day early since big bro Matt and Caitlin were in town!
The kid have seen everyone else have their birthday and now they FINALLY go their chance!

They are such precious treasures and we are so thankful to have them in our family! Ellie and Sarah have lots of fun together! The both love to laugh!

They have waited and waited for this day! I have actually been a little nervous- I just wanted it to go well! I want them to "for once" have good memories!
We love them so much! They have helped us to grow in so many ways! They have made our hearts grow bigger and given us more patience!

I have realized how much others need me and depend upon me to be my best each day. It has made me completely lean on God. Only He can help me with that! This morning I felt an ounce crabby but knew that I would set the tone for the day. I went straight into prayer and gave the day to Him. In hopes that our day and behavior would glorify HIM!

These two are adorable together and this big bro thinks his little bro is pretty cool! Johnny has done so well adjusting to all the sibs and his semi crazy parents! That actually should be a post because we had a time where this was NOT what he wanted!

Katie was making movies of the kids hula dancing(she just got back from Hawaii- gee, isn't life tough, Kate)! Hopefully I can get my hands on it and post it- I think its pretty funny!!

Johnny with the birthday girls!! He has definitely grown through the adoptions- it has been very positive for him!

Yesterday was Caitlin birthday! 
Happy Birthday Caitlin!

And she had many helpers with the gift opening!

And now for the big event!! Their very first time opening birthday presents! They were so so so over the moon excited!

They did not need any helpers but loved having the audience!!

Each of them got their very own birthday cake! 
Please please, come on over for a slice! We have plenty to go around!

My heart is so thankful for these blessings!!

Katie is sleeping on the couch- jet lag finally hit her!!
Mark is in Fiji studying coral and getting stung my starfish. Billy was at work- it's busy season for him so he couldn't join us.

Honestly even lighting the candles was exciting!

And then we sang "Happy Birthday". That was almost too much for them! Emma couldn't even bring herself to look at the camera!

Thank you God for a wonderful evening!

We are all so grateful to YOU!

(Sammy's birthday is next - in August!)


Shonni said...

Emma almost doesn’t even look like the same girl. She is becoming so beautiful and you can see the peace and joy in her little eyes. Praising the LORD for healing and a fun birthday!!!

Susan A said...

I just love Emma's smile, it is so beautiful, I can't get enough of it knowing her sad beginnings. She is in a beautiful family now, it is so wonderful to see!!! :)

Angie said...

Oh, Jean! Look at Emma's face! She is happy...pure joy on that little girl's face. I don't think you have ever posted photos of her showing this much true joy...right in her eyes. Both she and Ellie are just beaming. Although the " candle smoke" expressions make me laugh! What an amazing transition over the past year for your whole family!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Awwww.....sweet Happy Birthdays!!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Happy Birthday Emma and Ellie!!! Finally your turn to celebrate each of you!!! You can see their happiness! How fun!!

Cari said...

What a celebration post! So perfectly time after reading your in China experiences with them just a year ago. God truly redeemed their lives. Happy Birthday Emma and Ellie!

Hezra said...

OH WOW! They are so so SO happy. Awesome! Happy birthday sweet girls!

Anonymous said...

wow, okay, jean!
i'm sobbing!
This was so timely, the posts about your trip to china and then ending with this,
oh joy! oh such hope.
I just love the photo of emma with her crown and her present.
both are just miracles
love it!
xoxox from the joneses

Diane said...

Such a celebration in more ways than one!

kristin said...

My gosh! What a difference!

The happiness you can see on their faces and the peace you can just feel eminating from their little souls through their beautiful eyes.

I have tears reading this post - I'm so happy!

Happy Birthday Emma! Happy Birthday Ellie!


Sophie said...

Happy birthday for your sweet girls!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday precious Emma and Ellie. I am in tears. This post is one of my most favorites ever !! I can't contain my happiness in seeing the joy and happiness in the eyes and faces of Emma and Ellie. It's just unbelievable that these are the same two little treasures. It has been so much fun to watch them grow and flourish in the love of their family. Thank you for sharing their first birthdays with us. How fabulous !! I love the pictures of all of your bigs and littles - and I adore all of the barefeet !!! God bless you, Jean. xoxoxo

Hanna said...

So beautiful photos! Many thanks for sharing with us! Happy Birthday Emma! Happy Birthday Ellie! Praise the Lord!

Lori said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girls! I can't believe all they've been through...and how far they've come. They look SO healthy and happy...totally unlike the pics from when you first got them!

Chad and Kristy said...

Blessed, so blessed you are! Your girls have come so far and the beautiful looks on their faces bring me to tears. You are such a wonderful mom Jean. I have really enjoyed reading their story. Thanks for sharing it!



Jennifer O'Cain said...


What a great post to see after reading the series about their adoption. It is so apparent in their eyes and expressions how much they have grown and changed. What a great testimony that you guys stuck it out and followed God's will. After our next adoption of a 2 yr old (waiting in Guangxi) I am hoping hubby will be open to more older child adoptions. Your honesty will likely help many who chose the road to older child adoption. Your blog has been a huge help to me over the years, found it when we were waiting for Lily and you had just brought Sarah home. I have so enjoyed your blog.

Happy Birthday to Ellie and Emma!!

mary said...

It is amazing to me how different the girls look, especially Emma....she is a different little girl, with a natural smile and sparking eyes looking straight at the camera. It brought me to tears by the time I got to the candle pictures! It is so miraculous what love does for a child.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, precious girls!

Jo's Corner said...

Oh, I feel bad! I missed the big day. But, better late than ever.

Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Emma and Ellie! You both are so precious to our Lord Jesus. And, to me, as well. Wow! How you both have changed over the past year. You're like gorgeous Butterflies, that have emerged from their cocoons. How I give Thanks and Praise for ALL of the things that you've learned and experienced with your family. Know that you have a special Auntie Jo, who loves and prays for you. You truly are Treasures from God.

Jean, both of the girls are so beautiful. The physical changes are astonishing. You have worked hard to help these girls heal and you can see it in every photo! Good Job, Mommy!

I want to comment on the photos. I love how the girls are now able to be separate from each other. They are comfortable and safe and no longer have to be right next to each other...not that that is a bad thing, because that Sister-Bond is Precious and likely kept Emma alive before they came into your home. I also love how your children touch each other. How they lean against each other and snuggle. The photo on the stairs is so sweet. Seeing Ellie with her arm on Johnny's leg. ALL of them are special and they shine with the love that they feel.

It made me happy to see Emma and Ellie being Celebrated! That they were able to experience being valued and an important part of your family. The pure Joy on their faces touched me deep to the core. It is always a blessing to see how Our Lord and a Loving Family can do Miracles in the lives of children who have only known pain in their lives. Thank You, so much for sharing their Special Day with us.

I admire you and your Hubby and your older children for being obedient to His call to care for orphans. You are Blessed! Love ~ Jo

Annie said...

Happy, happy Birthday to some sweet kiddos!!!!!

Nicole A. said...

Happy birthday, sweet girls! What an amazing day it must have been for them! The pictures are fantastic ~ they look so happy, so content, so LOVED!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA