Sunday, July 3, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere

We are doing school throughout the summer but sometimes ya just gotta take a day off! Or five!

Sarah, Emma and Ellie had dance camp at church this week! They loved it! I was so proud of all three of them! 

I had signed Emma up but decided not to put her in it because the ceremony at VBS was just too much for her and she cried. When I saw that there were only 30 kids and they seemed to be flexible with abilities we decided to give it a try. So glad we did! She had so much fun and even did some of the dance! Her movements were a couple seconds late but she hung in there!!

We have gone swimming with just me in charge and it went smoothly!! I spent most of the time counting to 6 as I constantly looked for all the children!! Thank goodness they have a zero entry pool where the the kids have a great place to play and Mom does not have to worry! 
Next summer I'll be counting to 8!! 
Yay God!!

Matt and Caitlyn came in May to visit and meet Sam and Ava! They brought their potty trained puppy with them who proceeded to pee in various place of our house 
Don't worry guys- it's okay!
The next day she peed and pooped at Katie's place 
Hey, the poor puppy was stressed!

It was cute - they treat her like a baby and they are like new parents!! They have been reading up on puppy cares and training!
I can only guess they are practicing up for the real thing!!
I'm hoping!

Ava and Sam loved meeting the ge ge (big brother) Matt and his girlfriend, Caitlin!!

Last weekend we called Matt to chat and he said he would be home in 5 minutes! Excuse me you live in Colorado? Turns out he had flown in for a bachelor party up north and was stopping by - for dinner, a shower and some time to visit! (in that order!)

Are we that predictable? How did he know we were home? I mean maybe we had plans! Sadly we didn't! We were home... as usual! 
We had a wonderful visit and it was such a nice surprise!!

Mark left for Fiji on Saturday. He is excited and nervous. He will be studying coral reefs and helping in the community with Dr Austin Kirby Bowden. He is the youngest in the group and one of only 2 people invited from the USA. The other 8 people are older and from England. Please keep him in your prayers- for safety and health!

 Katie and a couple friends leave for Hawaii this week! One of the many perks of being a school teacher and having summers off!! Have fun honey and be safe!

Billy is doing very well! He was able to go to the US open with some friends and enjoyed touring Washington DC! Here he is learning some karate moves from the kids! He also has learned Chinese games and songs from them! He is multi talented and they love trying to teach him- everyone ends up laughing! No, No, not at you Billy! With you!! ;-)

And a final decision on this little guys name has been made!
It's Luke Lewis (Chinese name) Mulvahill. It is after the family that gave our sweet boy a chance to live!! 
Thank you Jesus!! 
(The pic is of Luke with his foster father!)

JOhnny has spent a lot of time looking into colleges. He has started the process early in hopes to play soccer in college. He has been emailing coaches and going to camps.
He is a little burnt out and tired of being on the go all the time. When he came home this last time he looked so happy to be back home with family and friends!!

Last week he found out his best friend and soccer buddy has "ewing sarcoma". It has been very hard on Johnny and he is growing as he learns to support his friend through this difficult challenge. It will be a tough year for Nick as he will have regular doses of chemo, frequent hospitalizations and cannot attend school (this was supposed to be his senior year and Nick was the one everybody thought would get the "Mr. Soccer" award) but he has a very hopeful prognosis. Will you PLEASE join me in praying for healing for Nick and for God's comfort and peace for his whole family.

Thank you dear friends!
Blessings on your weekend!


Vicky said...

Praying for Nick as he walks his road to recovery. Praying too for the safety of your older children as they travel.

Debbie said...

I'm so sorry about your son's friend. One of my daughter's best friends passed away from Ewings Sarcoma at age 19 three years ago. His mom, Simone, one of my friends, still keeps up her son's facebook page. She would be a great person for any of the family to talk to to. They can reach her on her son's facebook page, Joseph Patrick Makowski. She knows a lot about the disease.

Sarah said...

Such a beautiful family...every single one!

Janet and Kevin said...

Loved the update on your big kids! So fun seeing them in their lives and how they still love to come "home", too! Will be praying for your son's friend Nick.

janet and gang

living4him5 said...

Great pics of your beautiful family.

Please know I will be praying for Nick and Lord willing, a speedy recovery!!!

Amy <><

Jennifer said...

Wonderful update.

Praying for Nick and his family as they begin their journey of healing.

Love Lewis.


Sally-Girl! said...

You finally listened to me about names!!! Thank goodness!! :-)

Love the update and of course Nick's family is in my prayers!!

Chad and Kristy said...

Ok, so I gotta ask.. where is Sarah in the picture with all the red shirts??

You have such a beautiful family. I look forward to seeing it grow:)

Praying for Nick as well.


Peggy said...

You have a gorgeous family, and I enjoy your blog so much! I just have to say this because it has really touched me...Ava's smile just keeps getting bigger and bigger with each blog post and pic. It warms my heart!

I'm adding Nick and his family to my prayer list!