Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Three Days of Fun!

Finally the sun was shining in Minneapolis on a weekend, so we decided to make the most of it! 
We love that everyone around here goes to their cabin because we have the city to ourselves! Nothing was crowded and we enjoyed every minute of it!

On Saturday we went boating. We have a picnic lunch and cruised around! The kids love it when Daddy goes fast! It is so fun for us to hear the laugh! 

Sunday was at the pool! All the kids love the water!
It is a zero entry pool so they can play and play and still be safe. Ellie and Sarah can go where they want to go, jump off the diving boards and go down the slide. 
Ava is really catching on to swimming!
Sam has just begun swimming lessons!

We had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant! They love the kids!

Monday- Independence Day was spent at the zoo! 

Once again using that family membership! Love that we can go and spend 2-3 hours and head home, instead of paying full price and feeling like we have to make a full day of it.

We rode the monorail and went to the bird show!

Sarah got to be part of the show! She did a great job!

And then we ended with a barbecue at home!

Hubby and I love doing things with the kids but we do need to pace ourselves now that we are... 
more mature... 


Karin said...

I'm back home from our trip and catching up on your blog. :) Looks like you had such a fun weekend. It made me want to come visit you so I could do all those fun things!! :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Kids are adorable as always!!! I am going to check into a zoo pass too!!! Although our zoo doesn't look near as nice as yours!

Sophie said...

What fun and how nice that you had the city to yourselves!

The kids are so cute!!

Lori said...

Man, that all looks like tons of fun. I want to come live with you. Please?

Mature...hahaha...I think you are going backwards in your age, girl! Lookin' good!!

Serving the King said...

Ha! Mature! You crack me up! You are such a great momma!!! The kids look ADORABLE!! I think you need to plan a trip to Disney world in a few months so we can go together and you can meet Joshua!

laurajonesjournal said...

Jean, you guys are amazing.
I wish I had your energy.
God is giving you all you need.
praying for the new ones and you when I think of you all which is nearly everyday.
Love you all,

Pam said...

What a fun weekend! You "mature" parents did quite well, I must say!

Janet and Kevin said...

I totally understand pacing ourselves since we are also "mature" parents! Hee, hee! Looks like you had a blast pacing yourselves!

janet and gang

Jennifer said...

Doesn't maturity equate with wisdom? Looks like you had a great weekend. The picture of all of you together is awesome.