Friday, August 26, 2011

Adopting 2 From Different Provinces?

I thought this may be the case BUT was hoping it wasn't going to be. We heard from our agency that because our children are in two different provinces we will have to be in China for 3 weeks or splitt up for the first week.


I don't want to miss out on the gotcha moment with either of the children and I don't want to split from hubby. I am also sure that hubby cannot leave work for 3 weeks.

Of course, I do know that we don't always get what we want... I am guessing this is going to be one of those times...
Oh my- I am so weak in China and will so need God every moment of the day!

Luke is looking at his family photo album!
He should be getting another one soon! Can't wait for that package to get in the mail!!

She should have her gift by now! Hoping they send me a pic or five or ten!

I feel like somewhere I have read about other families adopting from 2 different provinces and it seems to me that didn't have to stay for 3 week? But I may be wrong?

Does anyone know of others that adopted 2 from different provinces? How did the handle their China time? Is there any way to cut it back a little?? Is there anyway to be at both Gotcha Days?

I would love to hear some ideas or others experiences!

Thank you

Thank you for all your input on my last post! I could feel your prayers and woke up the next morning knowing God is in control and this IS a spiritual battle. I am praying for our neighbors! And waiting for God's perfect timing to someday talk again with them or her.
The dog/safety issue has been resolved. He is no longer running the neighborhood and the owners have been reminded of the local pet laws.
Thank you Jesus!
Praying that the Lord will put HIS words in my mouth and that everyone in their home is safe right now! Praying that the Lord touches his heart with tenderness and a desire to change the direction he is going in.


Chris said...

The only advice I have...if you have another adult with you..hubby can leave after the provincial stuff is done and just before the GZ starts

Mandi said...

When we brought home Jaxon and Drew last year we only stayed in China two weeks. Our agency was able to coordinate it that way so that we didn't have to do 3 weeks. We met Jaxon on a Monday, signed paperwork on Tuesday and flew out Tuesday night to meet Drew in his Province. It was and felt rushed, but I don't know if I could have stayed away from my other kids for 3 weeks.

Just my thoughts.

Linette said...

Yes, it is possible (although a little intimidating) to fly with your child within China before their passport has been issued. A few families have done it, but have had to explain to airlines why they don't have much proof of why this child belongs with them. Your agency can then pick up your child's passport for you and mail it on to Guangzhou. (Or send it with another family, if there is another family traveling at the same time?)

Holly said...

yes! what Linette said! I met a family in Cincy who adopted 2 boys last year from China and they were in the first province only 2 days and left without the passport and it was mailed and delivered to them in Guangzhou! it IS possible!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

We are in the same situation. A friend just did it a few months ago, with the same agency we are using. They expedited one of the adoptions (maybe both). We have been assured that we will only have to be in China 2 weeks.

Stacy said...

I'm reading other's comments to you and am not happy that I spent 3 full weeks in China!!
I just got home last Sunday with 2 older children from two different provinces. Took my 6 year old daughter with me and my husband stayed home with our 9 year old. I was there without him.
I believe we are with the same agency and they didn't even say there was any chance of speeding things up!
Hope you can get them to work it so you don't have to be gone so long. It was hard being gone that long.
I'll be watching!!

You'll have to check the pictures on my blog of the little guy you had called about last November. He is such a sweet (and spoiled) and very loving little boy. He's a real treasure! : )

TanyaLea said...

I'm so glad Mandy responded to this, as she was exactly who I was thinking of when I read today's post. I thought they were only there for 2 weeks when they adopted Drew and Jaxon last year. God can make it happen... He has a way of making the seemingly impossible, possible!

...and that goes with your neighborhood, too. I'm so sorry to hear you are still dealing with so many issues. I remember some correspondences we had about it last year, and like then, I agree this is a spiritual battle. You have much wisdom in reaching out for prayer, and I know like before, God goes with you and will lead you in His direction concerning these issues. Hang in there, beautiful friend!!

Miss you and as always, you remain close in thoughts and prayer!

Love and Hugs,

Karin said...

So glad to hear all the encouraging comments left by others and hope that your agency will get this worked out so that you don't have to be in China for three weeks.

adoption journey said...

We are also adopting from two (far away!) provinces. We were told we might have to stay longer than two weeks, but they (the agency) will do whatever they can to expedite the 1st adoption so that we can travel to the second province quickly. I too worry about traveling without our son's new passport, but maybe if we take a train?? It's going to be difficult to be gone for 3 weeks, leaving the other kiddos home.

Julie said...

I know a family in China right now that is adopting 2 girls from 2 different provinces and is only staying 17 days. I think it depends on how flexible your agency is. For our 2nd adoption, there was a paperwork delay and it pushed us traveling right up to the first day of school for my other children. Our agency worked it out where we only had to be there for 10 days. We were able to get it all done in that time.

Wright Family said...

we just stayed two weeks last August (2011)....went to the slow province first.....they mailed papers to us in the fast province......or at least I think that is how they did it....