Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Haircuts and Pierced Ears!

The buzz cut from China was growing out so it was time for a haircut for our Sammy!

26 years ago Mike the barber cut our oldest son Matt's hair. He had a head full of curls and was not fond of his first haircut.

Since then Mike has been doing all the boys hair!
And now it is time for Sam to join the crew!

He was thrilled with the whole experience!

BUT- today I had to make a few modifications to Sam's hair! 
YOu see Sam had gum and then disposed of his gum and it was NOT in the proper place!
The dog (who is so very confused at the fact that she is no longer called Mia) found the gum and took it back to Sam! 
Isn't that sweet... except she put it in Sam's hair!

Sam thought that was very funny UNTIL it had to come our of his hair!
Then he understood why Anna cries when we comb out her snarls, I mean hair!

I had to use the scissors in order to get it all out!
he whimpered for 30 minutes AFTER we were done!

I know, I am so mean!

I'm pretty sure he thinks it was my fault the gum got there in the first place and WHY would his new Mommy want to hurt him and pull his hair!

Thankfully he is all better now and laughing with the other two musketeers!

Ellie and Emma got their ears pierced!

They were both very brave and did not shed a tear!

They are so happy to wear earings!

And looking forward to when the leaves start changing color- that's when they can change their earings!!


rebecca said...

Hi Jean! I just wanted to thank you for putting "Hope's" picture on your sidebar for me this past February when we backed out of adopting her. Long story short, we are once again trying to make her a part of our family. I thought you'd like to know. We are waiting for approval from CCCWA. Please pray! You can read the whole story at

Shonni said...

He looks so proud in those pictures of his haircut...and the girls look adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

How adorable of Sammy getting his hair cut. How do you keep from just eating him up !! :)) I love the smiles on the girls faces, so proud, so happy. Just priceless !! How fun !

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oh dear....nothing like gum....yikes! We are totally soo very mean - we banned any of the kids from having it. :) BUT I love not worrying about's ok they have plenty of other great treats. he he he

Karin said...

Awww...they are such pretty girls! So fun to have earrings!